/ Are Men's & Women's Climbing Clothes Truly Different?

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OneLifeOneHeart on 30 Oct 2012 - b0fb4a41.bb.sky.com
I found a great deal for an external shell jacket on the forum!

I am now hunting for mid layer and base layer for climbing.

Most really good offers on the websites that were suggested to me are for women (especially mid layer fleeces)!

However, I started wondering whether even this is just a commercial trick I can bypass if I don't care about style and colors...?

Can't a man wear a woman's fleece/soft shell?
the real slim shady - on 30 Oct 2012
In reply to OneLifeOneHeart: the shape tends to be a bit different IME, but not that much that it would bother you if you even noticed

TobyA on 30 Oct 2012
In reply to OneLifeOneHeart: I bought a woman's extra large Marmot driclime years back. It's sort of OK but even being XL the sleeves are a touch too short - enough to be annoying on longer trips. My missus has also tried buying men's small, but finds them baggy round her waist and too type over her hips. In fact, that reminds me - if anyone wants a fluffy fleece for a tenner (men's small) here it is! http://bitsandbobsandoddsandsods.blogspot.fi/2012/10/for-sale-lowe-alpine-basic-hi-loft.html
Ben Sharp - on 31 Oct 2012
In reply to OneLifeOneHeart: Obviously the more you are shaped like a woman the better the fit! I've got womens clothes off ebay before when they've been too cheap to pass up; mostly mid layers but also the odd pair of stockings. For extra insulation obviously.

You'll want to lengthen the sleeves and the back might be too short depending on the brand. If you get one with thumb loops the sleeves will be longer and you can just stitch up the holes and the sleeves will be the right length.
Rigid Raider - on 31 Oct 2012
Men have longer backs and shorter legs than women and of course broader shoulders and narrower hips. Women's clothes are cut to fit and if fitted, will have darts at the front for the bits men don't have.

...and that's putting aside the issue of colour.
Jonny2vests - on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to OneLifeOneHeart:

I often resort to buying women's trousers because I can't find men's that are short enough. Because their outdoor trousers are often cut to sit higher up, there is often too much room in the crotch area (contrary to what you might think), which inhibits flexibility. Pockets can also be annoying, not as deep.
The Lemming - on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to OneLifeOneHeart:

Putting aside my weekend hobbies, cough, I find that from time to time I can and do get a better fit with women's climbing shoes.

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