/ Suggestions for fell running shoes-particularly of a large size

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Scarab9 - on 15 Nov 2012
Morning all,

I've been doing more and more running recently. Do a mix of road, trail and fell. I've been getting away with using some cheap Karimor trail shoes (woo! Sports Direct!) but they're not going to cut it for some of the fell I'm doing (possibly doing the Rab mini mara in Dec after doing the one on Sunday and loving it).

Thing is I'm really not clued up on gear - I don't really know what would be the right thing to be wearing on my feet for that kind of thing and there's so many options of varying styles.

Can anyone suggest some for me to check out?

not too expensive, not overly competitive, but I will be doing some decent mileage on rough ground.
Oh and I'm size 48-49 ish!

Run_Ross_Run - on 15 Nov 2012
In reply to Scarab9:

I've got fairly wide feet and was a really heavy runner when i started and used Inov's with the max cushioning i could get (4 arrows).


as i've got a bit fitter i have tried to reduce the cushioning a little (2/3 arrows).

I prefer the fit of Inov8 shoes and as there's so many in their range you should be able to get a good fit.

Shop around an you can probably get older models at half retail prices.
The New NickB - on 15 Nov 2012
In reply to Scarab9:

A trip to Sweatshop in Hyde is probably a good option, not too far from you and they have a very good selection of fell shoes, much better than the other shops in the chain or anyone else I am aware of local ish

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