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kbow265 - on 16 Nov 2012
My current synthetic bag has been abused for over 12 years now and definitely not as warm as it used to be. Looking to get a 4 season bag to do some wintery adventures.

Had a look at some Alpkit stuff and it looks pretty good, but worried about keeping it dry while bivvying. On the other hand they do seem quite a bit lighter compared to the equivalent temperature synthetic bags.

Any opinions or other suggestions?
Belayathon on 16 Nov 2012
In reply to florence58:
Hi I have the alpikit pipe dream 400 I bought it for its small pack size for doi g a two day hillwalk alpikit were friendly and it arrived within 2 days. The bag is excellent you get 3 stuff sacks and I camped with a frost the next morning fine, I was intending on using the same bag for a si ter camp hopefully only down to zero. Of maybe minus a bit :-/ the bag has virtually be insulation on top (as most bags do) I used a foam mat and a therm arrest. The only draw back is that it's a bit tight as I like to sleep on my side the entire bag moves with you hence not much I satin. On my back. I ate loads before I wen to sleep think that might have been the charm!

I was Hopi g to go over Xmas and wanted a warmer bag to avert potential death (not the cold my girl friend killi g me) alpikit have no stock of the heavier bags till after Xmas but I just wouldn't want to buy a different one as the quality price and performance is great

Ps anyone think putting a alpikit hunka bag over the top for a night might allow me to go a few deg colder?

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.