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nonymouse on 23 Nov 2012 - whois?
Been reading up about the Himalays and thought I might go there next year. Wondering what UKCers recommend. i quiet like the look of the annapura circuit or Everest. Trouble is i'm not in my peak of fitness and i see that on anapurna you have to cross a pass but that you can hire horses.

is there any shame in using a horse just to do that bit.
Just a bhoy - on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to nonymouse:

Plenty of time to get walking fit.
m0unt41n on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to nonymouse:It really is not that onerous. The issue is more that you will have 10 to 15 days walking every day which few people are use to. Also if the first time you will not know how altitude effects you. Anapurna is easier in terms of altitude since its a gradual ascent each day, but physically a bit tougher because its longer. If you are planning on going next Oct / Nov (colder but generally better weather than Spring which is warmer but clouds tend to come in mid morning) you have nearly a year to get fit which is plenty of time.

Target is to do a week or two of walking each day just so you get use to it. Good idea to also build up carrying heavier loads, not that you will on a trek but helps getting fit.

Why not go for something with a view, such as Mera Peak. As long as you do the longer trek in to acclimatise then there is just the 3 days on the glacier to the top and back. The view from the top of Mera is pretty stunning if clear.

roxyroundtheworld - on 23 Nov 2012
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My tip would be to trek to Everest Base Camp but just out of season (recommend early-mid March). I went last year and had the whole trail to myself. Annapurna is stunning but in my opinion not a patch on the Khumbu where you are walking in the shadows of some of the greatest peaks on earth. Depends what you are after though - seriously big mountain scenery (EBC) or villages/culture/faraway mountain views (Annapurna Circuit).

I wouldn't recommend EBC at peak times though - from what I've heard it's an absolute nightmare!
ice.solo - on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to nonymouse:

go to Sikkim instead.

gangtok is a great place with a totally different vibe to kathmandu/pokhara, roads take you to about 4000m in a few hours, the climate is nicer (green forest to +5000m), far less people (locals and foreigners) and being smaller you cold get a few treks in, dropping back thru gangtok between each to have a shower and eat.

not sure they have horses tho.
nonymouse on 23 Nov 2012 - whois?
Ta for replies i'd still be interested to knoww if theres any shame in doing the pass on horse.
Cheese Monkey - on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to nonymouse: Go to Langtang, and stay with Ghyalbu and his wife in Kyanjin Gompa for a few days while you go explore. He'll tell you where to go and probably hire you my old tent. If the weathers good he would probably guide you over a proper pass too with several nights camping. Possibly the best and friendliest lodge owner in Asia. Go there.

You dont need to be super fit to do high passes, just get some reasonable light training in before you go if you're that concerned
The Ivanator - on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to nonymouse:
> Ta for replies i'd still be interested to knoww if theres any shame in doing the pass on horse.

Depends whether the pass is snowy, worth asking the UKC wisdom on conditions. If you get a local mobile phone you can always summon help, be careful it doesn't fall into criminal hands afterwards though.
Jacob Ram - on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to The Ivanator: Too right ;)
dazmac - on 24 Nov 2012
In reply to David Best: Having just done the Manaslu circuit and the Annapurna circuit, I would say go to the Khumbu and do the 2 passes more mountains and you dont get to walk on verey dusty roas on the Annapurna circuit the road gos all the way to Manang but only saw jeeps to chame then the road starts again after the Throng la pass.

you could alwas do the Annapurna base camp or one of the more remote areas depends what you want.

I think doing the everest 2 passes is the best for mountain views If you dont like lots of people go out of the usual trekking season I am going back out in 4 weeks so hopping its going to be quiter as It was verey funny listening to people complain about hot showers and no log burner at hi camp on the throng la pass.

what ever you do take it slow and give yourself a couple of extra days just in case of bad weather getting sick or transport problembs..

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