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wurzelinzummerset on 25 Nov 2012
I've done some damage to my wrist whilst bouldering, so I'm looking for some accounts from people of their experiences with this problem. I came off a crimpy side-pull and felt pain in my hand and wrist. The remainder of the day my hand and wrist were stiff and sore. The next there was some slight swelling underneath the wrist on the side of the small-finger. Fingers were still sore but could move them with some discomfort. 48 hours later the wrist swelling is still there but hardly noticeable, I've got full movement of the fingers and wrist but occasional pain in the wrist/hand if I put pressure on anything with my fingers. Sometimes the pain is very sharp.

I've googled this and reckon it's something to do with the ecu tendon. Anyone any experience of this?
The Ivanator - on 25 Nov 2012
In reply to wurzelinzummerset: The guru on climbing injuries and effective recovery is Dave Macleod, there are some interesting articles on his blog under the injuries category:
Not sure if your specific problem is described, but I found following some of the tips from Dave's blog really accelerated my recovery from a pulley injury. The ice therapy he recommends (immersion in chilled water twice daily for 10 minutes+) is particularly effective. You could try emailing Dave through his site for advice, I believe he is currently working on a book devoted to advice on climbing injuries.
Good luck with the recovery.
wurzelinzummerset on 25 Nov 2012
In reply to The Ivanator: Thanks Ivan, I think I should have followed some of his advice about injury avoidance in the first place. I've had a read through the injuries section and although nothing specific about wrists, the more general guidance is useful.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.