/ Recommendations for synthetic fill vests?

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gizmo - on 27 Nov 2012
I appeal to the wisdom of the UKC collective.

I'm looking for an insulated vest/gilet to throw on after races (cross-country etc) in order to keep warm. After these races I would be overwarm in a full jacket, but need something to wear over the top of t-shirts/jumpers. Ideally, the warmer the better but packability is also key.

Does anybody have any recommendations or bad experiences?
Cameron94 on 27 Nov 2012
In reply to gizmo: I have one of these which is surprisingly warm for it's size and weight, it packs down to a tiny size (roughly 500ml, guess based on it taking up half the space of a 1L drybag), the face fabric is good at dealing with showers but even if it's really chucking it down it stays warm.

The Ex-Engineer - on 28 Nov 2012
In reply to gizmo: If you are willing to pay decent money you have no shortage of good options from loads of top manufacturers.

However, a synthetic vest is probably one of the simplest bit of gear possible so I do think it worth looking around for bargains including places like TKMaxx or Outlet Shopping Centres. Also, I wouldn't discount own brand versions from the likes of Decathlon, GoOutdoors and even Mountain Wharehouse.

I picked up one by Tog24 for well under 1/2 RRP at Bicester Village a couple of years ago and have found it perfectly fine.

However, when it comes to packability the key thing is not really the vest itself but finding a perfect size of stuff sac for it. I use one originally from a Rab survival zone bivvy bag and it works brilliantly.
Fraser on 28 Nov 2012
In reply to gizmo:

I got a 2nd hand Patagonia 'Micropuff' gilet which is excellent. Don't think it's still made though, but there must be an equivalent. Nice and warm, still allows good movement and packs down very small into its own Napoleon pocket.

This 'Nano Puff' probably the updated equivalent garment:

Run_Ross_Run - on 28 Nov 2012
In reply to gizmo:

Mammut stratos or Montane Prism.

Both are great, montane slightly warmer but the mammut is a bit tougher.
captain paranoia - on 28 Nov 2012
In reply to gizmo:

Must it be synthetic? Coul you use down?

Because, at the risk of sounding like a stuck record, you can get a hooded down gilet for £20


My comments on it:

gizmo - on 29 Nov 2012
In reply to captain paranoia:
> Must it be synthetic? Coul you use down?

It's likely to get quite wet at some point, so synthetic's the way I'd prefer to go.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions - some definite food for thought. Will trawl some shops at the weekend and look out for those mentioned above.

Rhys Jones - on 30 Nov 2012
In reply to gizmo: My vote is for a Haglofs Barrier Vest. fantastic piece of kit and mine I use mine constantly. Light, packs into it's pocket, but adds plenty of warmth. http://www.planetfear.com/item/Brand_HaglofsBarrierIIVest_0_0_32443_1.html?ref=froogle
Michael Ryan - on 30 Nov 2012
In reply to gizmo:

Anything with Primaloft One or Sport, or Coreloft...

Probably better off going for a lightweight synthetic jacket rather than a gilet as you will get more use from it. In fact I would say that a ightweight synthetic jacket is a must-have for anyone who spends time doing outdoor sports....especially in the UK.

Most pack up small..... and there are lots out there.


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