/ belay jacket colour neurosis

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Sariel - on 11 Dec 2012
I can only seem to get a discount on a Fitroy in Black....
Is black OK or should i pay extra for a brighter colour (blue or Red)?

(will be used in the Alps and some solo stuff)

Blue Straggler - on 11 Dec 2012
In reply to Sariel:

I had this dilemma when buying a wetsuit! Another 70 Euros to get it in red, so tempting and you don't even get that many photos taken underwater and at any depth, all colours fade to blackish anyway..so I went for the black one in the end
Shearwater - on 11 Dec 2012
I'm always willing to pay a small premium to not look like a cold and bedraggled ninja. How big is the discount you're looking at?
iksander on 11 Dec 2012
In reply to Sariel: The gendarmes will not let Brits on the hill unless clad in black
oddtoast on 11 Dec 2012
In reply to Sariel:
Depends completely on your personal vanity and piss-taking threshold. I get ribbed for wearing khaki, brown and bin-bag black but being a grotty colour is often why stuff is on discount in the first place! For a little more I'd go for what's pretty - but for any more than that, I'd rather spend money on something else.

The fact you are asking suggests it's gonna bother you, and you're after justification! So, if you can afford it get what makes you happy (and tell yourself you will be easier to find if fall off something) but if you are going to forever feel guilty for being vain then get the black. simples.

Disclaimer: I am from Yorkshire.
Milesy - on 11 Dec 2012
I will also pay extra for a bit of colour these days.
angry pirate - on 11 Dec 2012
In reply to Sariel:
Black is usually my first choice tbh as I can wear it for day to day as well, though I'll buy the colour that's cheapest unless there's not much in it.
If you're worried about visibility, I always carry a bothy shelter for those dayglo moments
Sariel - on 11 Dec 2012
The black would be the easy and cheaper choice; much easier to find and i would probably wear it in non climbing situations as well.
However I have a general clothing rule for upper body, head garments and that's if it's for serious use then go bright / go home,

As for vanity, the coolest jacket on earth couldn't make me look cool.

I know I'm answering my own questions here,

It's about 20 quid more for either royal blue or red........

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