/ Chondromalacia patellae -- kneestrap experiences?

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Gentleman - on 16 Dec 2012

I have a Chondromalacia patellae condition in my knee. Doctors say there is nothing they can do to make things better. Google search on external knee bracers suggested that kneestrap would be recommended for this condition.

Has anyone used such/similar strap on this type of condition? Would you share your experiences with me?

The strap (to the best of my understanding) is supposed to apply pressure to the spot just under patellae. I fear the strap would either fall off or bite horribly to the back of my knee when I bend my knee close (or over) 90 degree angle.

How well will the strap keep in place or is it prone to fall off?
Will the strap bite the back of the knee?

I hope to get back to climbing and hiking. In these activities the knee will have to bend quite a bit. Having the strap fall off (or bite into my flesh) periodically would be a major inconvenience.

All of the more sturdy bracers seem to be aimed at other types of issues with the knee (between the shin bone and thigh bone).

Can you give any pointers or recommendations?
Yanis Nayu - on 16 Dec 2012
In reply to Gentleman: Can't you strengthen your quads? I think that worked for me - khee extensions.
sleavesley on 16 Dec 2012
In reply to Gentleman: Go and see a Physiotherapist to help rehabilitate and give relevant exercises and guidance to a suitable support.
Al Evans on 16 Dec 2012
In reply to Gentleman: Lynuss Pauling suggested massive dose of Vitamin C, then he did for just about everything Still it worked for me.
Clwydian on 16 Dec 2012 - 88-104-95-75.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com
In reply to Gentleman:

I use Elastic Adhesive Bandage. 2.5 cm wide and about two turns around. Works well. Shave your knee before application.
George Ormerod - on 16 Dec 2012
In reply to Gentleman:

I sometimes use a LP patella brace ( https://www.support4physio.com/lp-sports-patella-band?filter_name=patella&filter_description=tru... ) for a creeky knee. It's neoprene and velcro and doesn't signficantly bite into the back of the knee, or fall off under any type of use. It seems to reduce my knee pain if I bump up my mileage. Probably worth a try for something that costs a about a tenner.

Have you consulted a physio and / or a podiatrist about this? Ordinary quacks are notoriously shit about sports injuries. Often there is something that can be done.
anaesthetic on 16 Dec 2012
In reply to Gentleman: Go see a good physio if you haven't already. Get them (or a podiatrist) to check your gait as well. I was diagnosed with it by a GP when I was younger and played a lot of footy, a few years later when it flared up again (combination of cycling to work and returning to footy) I saw a physio who noticed flattened arches in my feet were pulling my knees inwards. Getting custom made insoles really made a difference. That and some exercises to strengthen the muscles supporting the knees. Never had a problem with footy after that and now only notice a bit of ache walking down steep mountains (which anyone of my fitness level probably gets!) Your case may be completely different, but I would recommend getting someone to look at the bio-mechanical aspect. Good Luck!

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