/ Fantastic outdoor climbing/tooling walls unused and closed :-(

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wilkie14c - on 22 Dec 2012
Its in here rather than walls and training, more apt I think

So, those of you who have drove to Blackpool over the last few years would have noticed the 2 giant towers on the road in. These are situated in Bancroft Park and were built along with the landscaping of the park with £5 million of heritage lottery funding. The towers are brilliant and unique, its a very urban experience when on the sharp end andthe wind is howling and rain falling while 20m off the ground and you still haven't reached the chains! The towers have been used for the lead climbing championships in the past and in winter the holds get replaced for a harder plastic material and the towers are converted for drytooling. The slab with the BLACKPOOL logo on is nails, those edges are 1/2 inch flatties and its like slate, limited friction and very long reaches.
The towers lie locked up and we can't use them - closed until spring. Why? I'm not sure, maybe someone can shed some light but I did look at a job advert about 18mths ago, the council expected applicants to have all their qualifications and work a sort of flexi time for minimum wage. Perhaps the pay and conditions have left it such that the council simply can't get the staff and the towers will remain closed until spring. Such a shame and definatly not what the lottery intended thats for sure!


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.