/ Dry-ish bouldering venues in the Lakes?

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hfac - on 27 Dec 2012
Might try to go out this weekend and new years for some bouldering if the weather isn't too gash, as there's most likely nothing white, nor multipitch routes will be very pleasant at all.

Just wondering anywhere that might dry quick enough, or not have a stupidly soggy/bog landing that'll turn bouldering mats into soaking sponges?

I so far have Carrock fell in mind, think Seathwaite and Dunnerdale will most likely be a massive piece of bog.

Thank yoU!
biscuit - on 27 Dec 2012
In reply to hfac: carrock fell gets very wet underfoot as well.

Bowderstone or st bees would be my best suggestions.
hfac - on 27 Dec 2012
In reply to biscuit: right...i was counting on the topos that I looked at and thought carrock might have a slightly rockier landing..

I'm thinking it'd be bad to climb at St bees given how much it's rained the sandstone must be pretty soft at the moment, slightly inconsiderate if I just go and break holds!
GPN - on 27 Dec 2012
In reply to hfac:
Carrock is a pretty safe bet. There are a few boggy landings, especially at the more popular areas, but there's still plenty of problems with dry landings. St Bees has been very wet recently and with the current showery weather there will be a lot of dampness (the sea state also makes a big difference). Eskdale Fisherground is another good winter venue, although there's a much more limited selection of probelms than at Carrock Fell. What there is is some of the best though.
hfac - on 27 Dec 2012
In reply to GPN: Right..is Eskdale likely to be drier to land on than Carrock?
I've never been to either and could probably visit both venues on seperate days, Eskdale seems to be closer to Whitehaven if I'm not wrong, only problem is I don't have a guide for it! :S
Carolyn - on 27 Dec 2012
In reply to hfac:

Eskdale will be closer to Whitehaven, yes. There might be enough to be going on with here:

I haven't actually played on the Eskdale boulders, but have been to the little crags near them, and I'd imagine there are some with dry-ish landings. It's not like they sit in a bog, anyhow.
GPN - on 27 Dec 2012
In reply to hfac:
Yes, by and large the landings at Eskdale will be drier. Eskdale will also be slightly quicker to get to, although there's not much in it.
hfac - on 28 Dec 2012
In reply to GPN: right. sounds good, all i need is a copy of the guidebook!
though it says rain/showers towards the west so carrock might be a good one for tomorrow and eskdale for latter days of the weekend/holidays!
thank you very much indeed
Gimpy86 - on 28 Dec 2012
In reply to hfac:

Got a printer? Or failing that a smart phone?

This is all you need for a guide: http://lakesbloc.com/

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