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Trangia on 02 Jan 2013
Who has climbed there? Do you recommend it? How does it compare with other London walls like The Reach?
kestrelspl on 02 Jan 2013
In reply to Trangia: I really liked it compared to craggy in Guildford. They seem to have a good variety of grades and types of routes and the cafe is nice too.
ti_pin_man - on 02 Jan 2013
In reply to Trangia: was there today bouldering, lots of stuff to climb, time the boulderings were reset but ace, even managed one of my mini projects today. Good crew. Nice place. They have a slack line up to try too and today they didn't have cafe delivery cos of Xmas. So in stead they were serving free toast with choice of Nutella, honey or marmalade.
acatz on 02 Jan 2013 - b0faa4a1.bb.sky.com
In reply to Trangia: I was there the other week, took my two boys. It's a good setup, although not as big as the reach. But having said that, I went on a Sunday, and a lot of the wall space was out of bounds due to kids clubs/parties, which I found slightly annoying as you pay more on a weekend to use less. But I haven't been back coz of xmas etc and it may just have been a particularly busy day for them. The reach is still my choice......
nniff - on 02 Jan 2013
In reply to Trangia:

First class wall in all regards. Prefer it to Reading, both of the Guildford walls and the Westway. The Castle's too far for me, but I've not been there for ages anyway.

Our wall of choice now - not been anywhere else since it opened.
badwabbit on 03 Jan 2013
I registered there before Christmas and will be going back from time to time (it's a bit of a trek for me) but I really liked it.

Quality routes, nice and open environment, sexy looking walls, nice segregated bouldering areas - they've really paid attention to the details and it shows...
Oceanrower - on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to acatz: Are you sure it's smaller than The Reach? 3 bouldering areas and over 100 roped lines at pider but can't seem to find the square meterage on the Reach website.
Ava Adore - on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to Trangia:

Only been once - on their open day. Despite the numbers of people there, didn't have any trouble getting on the routes as it's a decent size. Routes were kind - I hadn't led in a while so stuck to the softer grades but didn't have any real problems. I'd go back if it were closer.

The only London wall that I've been to is the Castle. I have found the grading there to be stiff on the lead walls. WS would, in my view, definitely be softer.
Trangia on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to all:

Many thanks. I'm going to give it a try although it's a bit of a trek from Hastings
RFWilkie - on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to Trangia:

Been a few times and its a great new wall. Lots of different angles and shapes on modern curved panels, the vast majority of lines setup for leading with even top rope lines having a seperate loweroff for lading. 3 Good bouldering areas including a big roof.

Cafes a bit limited, and the shop hadn't opened last time I went.

Oh and grades are Mega soft, so its quite flattering! But generally the route setting was otherwise good with interesting moves and good use of the features.

Suspect parking might become an issue if it gets busy.
Matt250 on 08 Jan 2013
I've been a couple of times and it's worth a visit. Some decent panel shapes with a lot of different lines and some well set routes. I don't think it's quite as high as some other walls, especially Westway, but it's still decent.

The holds and walls are still relatively new so they're nice and grippy too.

I haven't really bouldered much there so couldnt comment on that.

There seemed to be more higher graded roped routes too i.e. more 7s and I think a few 8s but if people are saying it's soft then maybe not so many 8s.

The cafe's fine for drinks but the food isn't as good as some other places.
SARS on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to RFWilkie:

There's a variation in grading. Some setters are grading consistently softly, but others - e.g. Steve McClure - are spot on or even on the tough end.
ti_pin_man - on 08 Jan 2013
I'd agree on the variation on grading but understand that, at least in the boulder area, they had different route setters to see how good they were. They dont seem much different compared to other walls, all of which have variation in grades to some extent.

The boulder section has been in place a while and I think it misses mid grade routes a bit, lots of hard stuff and some obvious easy's but I havent found enough mid grade. I mentioned this on their FB page and they have said in reply they are due a reset and intend to reset on an 8 week cycle.

I hope so, cos Craggy2 is a long drive for me ;)

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