/ Mountain Rescue runs the London Marathon 2013

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Jon Jones - on 03 Jan 2013
Hi folks,

Neil Roden (Edale MRT), Jon Jones (Derby MRT), Steve Westwood (Calder Valley MRT), Huw Jones (Central Brecons MRT) and Steve Rose (Dartmoor SART Plymouth)

are running the London Marathon this coming April to raise funds for Mountain Rescue England & Wales.

Being Climbers/Walkers I'm sure you're all aware of what we do within the teams and how we're entirely funded by public donations (and a lot of our own money!)

If you're a Facebook user, we'd appreciate it if you could click the following link and "LIKE" the page


This will ensure all your friends/family will see the link and even more money can be raised! Plus you'll get up to date posts about how many toe nails we've lost, how to combat runner's nipple...etc!

Here's a direct link to the Donation page (this is also at the top of the Facebook page);


Here's some links to the teams that we're in, should you wish more info/or volunteer to join



Thanks for looking

martinph78 on 08 Mar 2013
In reply to Jon Jones: Good luck guys!

Jon Jones - on 17 Mar 2013
In reply to Martin1978:

Cheers Martin.

small article about us in the latest issue of Trail Running Magazine:

Jon Jones - on 28 Mar 2013
In reply to Jon Jones:

Hi folks, bad news on my marathon, I'm out :o (

Typing this message while sat in Derby Hospital. I had surgery on my neck yesterday to remove something or other.

To say I'm gutted about the marathon is an understatement! I think I've managed to defer 'til next year.

Don't forget to keep supporting the rest of the guys.


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