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Mattyk - on 07 Jan 2013
Can anybody offer me some advice (something UKC is generally good at).

I want to sell my house - i foolishly keep looking for somewhere to buy and have found somewhere i'm really keen enough to go view which ticks all the boxes - but my house is not on the market.

All advice i've had is not to put on in January which causes problems being january and wanting to move. I can have it ship-shape and ready to view within a weekend but if i put on too early do i risk making it a dud?

How long will it take to get it on the websites if i say phoned up tomorrow - are HIP's old hat?

My house is only worth maybe 80K at a guess so would you recomend an agent at a % or one of these online one off fee type places? In other words is it worth the extra for a local agent considering its not lots more being a cheap house?

All advice and experience appreciated.

tlm - on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to Mattyk:

Whatever agent you use, and whatever fee they offer, always ask them if they can do you a deal and if they can offer you a lower fee.
Use an agent who sell houses like yours. Some specialise in particular types of houses (terraced, big and fancy etc).
Make sure that the agent you use have a good web site etc - cheapest isn't always best.
Jon Stewart - on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to Mattyk:

Watching with interest. I'm going to put my flat on the market, but it's in Sheffield (I'm in Shipley) and it's got a tenant in it until July. Guess I'll need some help from someones's money-grabbing little hands with finding a buyer...

Is putting it on in January really that bad?
David Barlow - on 08 Jan 2013
You should consider selling it through the same agent as the house you want to buy, because that will give them more incentive for the sale!
Moomin.williams on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to Mattyk:
Having just managed to complete the house sale (similar vlaue to yours) and new purchase thing the mistake I made was selecting the wrong agent for the sale.
Alarm bells should have rung after the first 2 agents who viewed the house did the old builders teeth sucking thing saying "you don't want to be selling in this market, renting would be a much better option"
I now understand that on cheap houses the commision they make is small and as an agent they will make more money from rental fees, (% of rental income per month).
After nearly 3 months of no viewings, switched to an agent that didn't do rentals and had an offer within 2 weeks (did drop the price a little as well, so not can't really say what it was that got it moving, but the previous agent always advised against dropping the price even when I suggested it)
As both a buyer and a seller I would say stuff will sell if priced correctly - on selling I was given very optimisitc valuations by agents that wanted rental commission. Whilst buying I had very fair offers refused by sellers who were insistant that their property must have gone up in value despite buying it in 2005 at the top of the market and selling in 2012 having done no improvement works!
TMM on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to Mattyk:

A couple of tips.

Get a range of valuaions from agents who sell similar property to your own

Don't be emotional. This is no longer your home, it is an asset waiting to be realised.

Do not try and talk an agent up to your perceived valuation. If they don't believe it how will they be able to convince a potential buyer?

Ask them their database of propective buyers

Which websites do they use? Rightmove is by far the largest although some specialist properties will do better on other sites.

De-clutter and remove personal effects. Allow buyes to imagine themselves living in their home - not your home.

If an agent values a property to highly it is because he wants your business but does not have a buyer

If an agent values your house too low it is becuase they have a buyer ready and can turn the property with minimum effort and marketing expense.

Who will do the viewings? Most agents send a seasoned professional to do valuations and 17 year old to do the viewings.

I put my agents on a sliding commission scale. If they get what they value it for they earn their fee. Anything less and the commission rate drop. Over achievement is highly geared as well.

Don't even bother listening to offer from buyers who cannot proceed yet. They're not in a position to do anything.

Good luck!
TheDrunkenBakers - on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to TMM: Sound advice.

Mine is going on the market soon also.
Mike Stretford - on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to Mattyk: They can get it on the market quite soon, they had my flat on rightmove within a week.

ATM it is all about the price.
Mattyk - on 10 Jan 2013
In reply to Mattyk: Thanks for all the advice. Got 4 agents coming around to value and try to convince me to sell via them. de-luttering as i type. Have 1 more question - has anybody tried one of the online companies that don't have a base? I don't want to overpay obviously but realise i have to pay if i want results. Is a local agent worth the extra.

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