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d1griffiths - on 14 Jan 2013
Does anyone know if carrying paraffin in a Trangia Multi Fuel Bottle would be an issue. Can't get any info off their website and I just don't know anything about chemicals.

captain paranoia - on 15 Jan 2013
In reply to d1griffiths:

The Trangia fuel bottles are HDPE (high density polyethylene, aka 'fancy polythene'). Paraffin is often supplied in an HDPE bottle, e.g.


My only concern is that paraffin does tend to get everywhere. I was going to use the term 'creep', but that seems to have a specific meaning with paraffin at low temperatures. I mean that the oil tends to spread out if drips or runs occur at the spout. Meths, on the other hand, simply evaporates cleanly.

The design of the Trangia bottle closure is also unusual, in that the bottle has an internal thread, which is reinforced by an external, aluminium collar. It uses a silicone O-ring to form the seal.

Most simple bottles have an external thread, and a good cap has an internal thread to mate with this, but also should have a deep, internal, angled neck that mates with the smooth bottle opening inner face, forming a good seal.

I don't see a problem with using a Trangia fuel bottle to carry paraffin.
top cat on 15 Jan 2013
In reply to d1griffiths:

when using these bottles with meths there is always some 'leakage' when you have finished the job and have screwed the 'cap' back. ie there is still a small amount of meths in the system on the outside of the seal.

Therefore, given the smell and lack of evaporation of Papaffin I would not recommend Trangia bottles with the double spout cap. It will be a disaster!
d1griffiths - on 15 Jan 2013
Thanks for the replies guys, although two very different responses. Basically I've just bought a paraffin lantern and didn't want to carry a big 4l bottle about. The drips and spills will be less of an issue as it will be poured infrequently and is in a situation where cleaning it up is easy enough. I was more concerned about the chemical issues and reactions. I'll give it a whirl and see if suits on my trip this weekend.

Thanks again
captain paranoia - on 16 Jan 2013
In reply to d1griffiths:

My reply was mainly addressing the issue of chemical compatibility; it should be fine.

My comment about drips is pretty much the same as top cat's, only not quite as strongly worded; it will be an inconvenience, not a disaster...
skarabrae - on 16 Jan 2013
In reply to d1griffiths: im no expert, but i think the clues in the title "multi fuel"

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