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pepperpot - on 19 Jan 2013
Got a pair of Inov8 Mudroc trainers. First run out (only 3 miles) and they've given me pretty decent blisters (20p size) on both heels. This is the first time this has ever happened to me so I don't know what to do.

What would people suggest? Deal with the blisters now and give the shoes chance to give a bit? Or give it up, get a new pair and stick on here or ebay?
quirky - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to pepperpot: Daft question but have you fastened them up properly?? I know on my mudclaws you can pull the heel in quite snug using the laces. Mine took a bit of breaking in but considering the terrain they are very comfortable. The right socks make all the difference too.
dmhigg - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to pepperpot: Inov 8 heels give me blisters because they're a bit wide. I put the heel in boiling water for a couple of minutes, take out and squeeze: it seems possible to reshape the heel in this way.
Climbing Pieman on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to pepperpot:
If you like the shoes otherwise, you could try blister prevention patches until they are broken in? I've never had a problem with Inov8 but was about to give up on a pair of boots which gave me blisters until I discovered the patches and have never had a blister since. Ive also used them in footwear where the heel lining had broken and the patches extended their life by months. I use http://www.goengo.co.uk/preventing-blisters/GoEngoPatches.aspx and find them great. The patches go on to the footwear (or even the socks apparently), not the foot, and mine last for at least six months at a time, so cost effective in my opinion.
Simon Caldwell - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to pepperpot:
It's a common problem with Inov8s if they don't quite suit your foot shape (I'm lucky in that they do).
Lots of discussions on the interweb, here's one with the normal solution:
climb the peak - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to pepperpot: recently bought a pair of Inov8 Mudrocs and had exactly the same problem after the first long run in them. The last run I went on I wore my long seal skin socks that covered my ankles and my feet were fine, so I guess just wear thicker socks, and if not, wait for the skin to heal in the effected areas
sarahjk - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to pepperpot:

I dont much like the heel cups on these either, not nearly as comfy as my other Inov8s. Someone suggested I 'cook' to alter the shape, but I havent tried it as not too awful. Basically put the shoe in a bag, shaping bag into heel, plunge into super hot water and then mould to fit... Once you have done this, or if you decide to persevere you could try duct tape over your heel, smooth it on carefully and the slick surface will allow the shoe to slip a little rather than drag. That I know works !
pepperpot - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to pepperpot:

Good ideas here. I did notice that the width seemed to be less than my others so I've just taken the sole bed out and there now seems to be more room for my foot and heel to allow me to fit the shoe to my foot if you know what I mean. I'll have to try and get a thinner bed.

I think I'll give seal skin socks a go for the next few months and hopefully this will bed the shoe in a bit more ready for thiner socks in summer.
Steff - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to pepperpot:

I have had problems like this with a pair of shoes and dealt with it for a while by taping the area, but in the end I just gave up and stopped using them. If a shoe does not suit your foot, there is not much you can do.

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