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trollman - on 19 Jan 2013
Hi there
Needing some advice on spandik boots, are they a faily wide fitting, my current boots, scarpa
Mantas and Mont Blanc boots fit me perfectly, I'm a size 44.5 wearing one pair of smart wool
expedition socks. Does the spandik sizing take into account the extra liners, so would a 44.5
fit or do I need to still increase the size.
Try before you buy I know is right, but can't afford new and would fill guilty using a shop to get fitted correctly, and prob only use on the one trip so want to get a secondhand deal if poss.
Thanks for any advice

mountainmate - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to trollman: I take a size 43 in Sportiva Trangos and Sportiva Nepal GTX, however, I had to go up to a size 44 in the Spantiks as the 43 was way too tight.

Hope this helps!
Superchop75 - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to trollman:

Second the above advice. I'm a 43 in Trangos and Nepals but needed a 44 in the Spantiks.

Brilliant boots though!
trollman - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to Superchop75:
Ok thanks,that's useful advice, maybe iv got no option but to get fitted out correctly, I have a fairly wide forefoot, ie scarpas have suited me right out of the box, are the spantiks narrow, wide or in-between (forefoot area)
Ta andy
Mr Lopez - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to trollman:

If you have Scarpa feet then your best option is to get a pair of Scarpa 6000's instead of the Spantiks.

Spantiks are narrow(ish) in the forefoot, and if you have wide feet like me, they will put pressure in the area causing discomfort and cold toes, or you'll get them a bit bigger/lace them loosely and then suffer from heel lift and shin rubbing...

FWIW I wear 41 in Scarpas, 41 1/2 in Nepals/Baturas, and 42 in Spantiks. But, and it's a big BUT, if you are heading somewhere cold enough that you need Spantiks, do you want to go with boots you guessed the sizing on by asking strangers in a forum and find out when out in the cold that they don't fit you, are blistering your feet and/or causing you very cold toes?

trollman - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to Mr Lopez:
Yep your right, think I will have to get fitted correctly, then sell on after the trip, guess
boots and sleeping bag are not things to get wrong at 6000, thanks for advice
davy_boy - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to trollman: might also be worth looking at boreal double boots I have an old pair of g1 doubles mega warm only been to 4000m in them with thin socks and still warm feet also very comfortable. Fit is the same as most scarpa boots especially the newer phantom / jorasses models which have a slightly narrower heel.
ice.solo - on 19 Jan 2013
In reply to trollman:

I live in spantiks over winter (20 days this year so far, most winters around 40).

I actually go half a size SMALLER than my baturas as i wear a thinner sock in them. Less sock the better i find as less moisture round your feet. Matters a LOT on overnights.
The inner provides the insulation so the socks dont need to so much.

Absolutely try before you buy. If it helps, a friend who says same as you finds zamberlans much better.

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