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as646 on 28 Jan 2013 - ipv4-92-244-168-98.static.as8844.net
I originally injured my wrist when I used to box -- it was actually the reason I stopped. I rested it for a few weeks and then I ended up starting climbing in September, and never had any troubles with it. However, in the past week or so (the last few days in particular) it's been giving me a lot of grief. If I extend it too far either forwards or backwards, I feel a sharp pain.

I went to the walk in clinic today, where they told me what I had already presumed to be the case; it was tendonitis. I was also told that I should take anti-anflammatories and cut down on climbing from 4 times a week to twice a week until it got better

This suprised me, as I would have assumed they would tell me to stop climbing completely. I would hate to be stuck not climbing for a month or so, so I'm happy to go out and climb, albeit at a slightly lower intensity than I normally do. But I'm still kind of worried that the doctor knows absolutely nothing about climbing and just thinks I'll be doing easy toproping or something.

Should it still be okay to climb on, and will climbing slow down the healing process?
Kemics - on 28 Jan 2013
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I think for Elbow (not wrist) Tendonitis Dave Macleod's theory is that gentle climbing is better than no climbing....but I might be completely making that up.
Paul Twomey on 29 Jan 2013
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A proper diagnosis by a physio who is knowledgable about elbows and tendinitis would be your best next step.

Which part of the country you are in? There are many UKC users who might be able to recommend someone from personal experience.

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