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willriseley on 28 Jan 2013 - host86-128-36-165.range86-128.btcentralplus.com
I need something to replace my nearly dead Talons but am wanting something that can smear well.

Previously have had instinct slippers which were great but the xs rubber was super soft.

I also fit sportiva so am wondering about the speedster or futuras?

Any advice on what breaks into a nice soft shoe but that also has top rubber
HenryCowan - on 28 Jan 2013
In reply to willriseley: The Mad Rock Flashes were great for smearing, but overall not an amazing shoe...but saying that, they are cheap which is always good
as646 on 28 Jan 2013 - whois?
In reply to willriseley: I bought a pain of Anasazi V2s a month ago, and it feels like there is glue on the soles when I'm smearing. It also feels like hot pokers are slowly cutting into my achilles, but I'm happy to put up with that for the performance I get out of them.
turtlespit - on 29 Jan 2013
In reply to as646: Check out Llanberis Resoles' website for a tip on modding the Anasazi Blancos (V2) for a more comfy fit - http://www.llanberisresoles.com/pages/mods.html

In response to the original poster, a lot of people recommend Anasazi VCS or Verdes for grit smearing.

If you go with La Sportivas, a lot of the models use XS Grip2 rubber, which is the same rubber as the Instinct Slipper.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.