/ PRODUCT NEWS: Climb X Technician Rock Shoes

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Climb X Technician Lace, 3 kbThe Technician shoe is available in a lace-up or velcro version and is packed with features to help you in your ongoing fight against gravity. Utilising synthetic uppers and lined with anti-microbial hemp, the shoe offers precision, reliability and control. A double cross slingshot rand creates a tensioned platform for enhanced climbing support and 'power upper' toe caps are molded from sticky X Factor rubber so you can grab and hook when the going gets steep. Built on a narrow, asymmetric flat last.

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TommityP - on 31 Jan 2013
I bought a pair of these for a very cheap price. They are great for indoor training, and got me up a good, hard and steep outdoor redpoint. They fit me like a glove, and they smell less evil than other shoes I've worn. I don't have the same confidence on micro-edges and smears than with some top-end shoes I've worn, I find them a little less sticky, and a bit bulky for some technical limestone routes. They are thick, yet sensitive and they are lasting a hell of a lot longer than any other brand I wear. Perfect for training and steep routes.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.