/ Manufacturer of unlined shell gloves?

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Oceanic - on 01 Feb 2013
I wear fleece gloves most of the time, but like to have a lightweight pair of unlined Marmot Precip gloves with me, to wear over my fleece gloves if my hands are cold.

I really like my unlined shell gloves, as well as being lightweight, my hands slide in and out of them really easily when I want to place a runner, or adjust my ski boots.

Problem is that mine are wearing out, and Marmot don't seem to make unlined shells anymore. Can anyone point me in the direction of an alternative?
pog100 - on 01 Feb 2013
In reply to Oceanic:
try googling Extremeties Handbags? not sure if that is what you mean...
iksander on 01 Feb 2013
In reply to Oceanic: Most modular systems are mitts these days. Outdoor Research are probably your best bet for 5 fingered liner and shell gloves. Marmot still do Hut Tour gloves. Expect to pay > £100, don't think anyone does a 5 fingered shell on its own.
TobyA on 01 Feb 2013
In reply to Oceanic: Best gloves for ice climbing I've ever tried were some Mountain Hardwear ones I bought about ten years ago. Just Goretex, with a light brushed inner protecting the membrane. You could do just about everything wearing them, but as you never took them off and they were proper waterproof, they kept my hands warm in quite lousy conditions. Mtn Hardwear stopped making that model, and I've not seen anything quite the same since. I find insulated gloves like that often mean you need to take them off more to for rope work etc. and you end up with colder hands!

I've seen Marmot Precip ones in shop near me this winter - are you certain they've stopped making them? I thought they looked no bad, considering they were pretty cheap too.
martinph78 on 01 Feb 2013
In reply to Oceanic: You could buy something with a removable liner and leave the lining out I guess?

I have been experimenting with goretex mitts over a ME softshell glove this winter and finally found a system that keeps my hands warm and isn't too much of a faff.

I left the liner in mine for extra warmth, but my hands slide in and out easily. As I say, it works for me. Wouldn't recommend the ME gloves though, they are not wearing well at all. Very unhappy with them in that respect.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.