/ Decathlon Forclaz pants & weird sizing system!

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russtyg - on 06 Feb 2013
After a previous thread, I am interested in buying a pair of Quecha Forclaz 300 rain pants from Decathlon.


However their sizing system is a nightmare. I am a UK size 34 inch waist - regular leg. Does anyone have any idea what this equates to on their website?

They have some proper weird French sizes I think:

EU:34 US:XXXS EU:36 US:XXS EU:38 US:XS EU:40 US:S EU:42 US:S/M EU:44 US:M EU:46 US:M/L choose your right size

What on earth is a 'universal size'?? Their sizing tables are just as confusing and provide no help at all.

It would be great to hear from someone who owns any of the Forclaz pants - any info about fit would be appreciated.

Neil Pratt - on 06 Feb 2013
In reply to russtyg:

I've got the Decathlon 'Simond' softshell pants in a US:S EU:M according the label and they are a comfortable/loose fit on my 30-32" waist. I have a 30" inside leg, and they're a bit too long - would probably be a better fit on someone with legs an inch or two longer.

Hope that's of some use...
captain paranoia - on 06 Feb 2013
In reply to russtyg:

This might help:


EU clothing sizes are a little strange, I'll admit... It looks like they've used the (weird) EU trouser length values, rather than waist; the EU waist values are much larger (they're centimetre equivalents of UK/US inch sizes, essentially).

For the Simond mountaineering trousers, I take an EU M (US S), and I'm 32" waist. They're a little large on me, but that's fine since I use them with insulated liners. I keep meaning to try to find a pair of S to try on for non-insulated use.
cragtyke on 06 Feb 2013
In reply to russtyg: try clicking on the select the right size line
russtyg - on 07 Feb 2013
In reply to cragtyke:

Still none the wiser - their charts dont match up and dont make sense.

I have emailed them for the craic

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