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Jackwd - on 15 Feb 2013
Some help if you will any of you liners out there. I want to set up a high line, I have two sturdy trees with easy access to set the line up. Am I best setting up the actual slackline itself as normal then, using dynamic climbing rope, string two independently anchored (fall lines?) between the two, clipping them with a locking binder with a short length of rope to my harness. Would there be enough stretch in the system or does it sound like a good way to kill yourself? After some ideas, and I won't sue you if I break my back.
StuMsg - on 15 Feb 2013
In reply to Jackwd:
That's the general way highliners do it.
Two independent systems. One is the slackline and the other is the safety line. The safety line is dynamic rope and taped to the bottom of the slackline. Safety line is has slack so that the angle it makes is less severe reducing the load it receives if it's needed. It's important that when you fall you don't hit the deck so take into account the line height, slack in the safety system, stretch of dynamic rope and length of rope between your harness and he safety line.
I've never done this but have read plenty so don't take my word for it. DO some research and if your not sure, don't risk it!
Jackwd - on 16 Feb 2013
In reply to StuMsg: Thanks, the problem I find is you can really test it without putting yourself in danger, i.e: you need to fall on it to test it but if its set up wrong you could hit the floor. Will keep researching and find out the best way. I imagine it's going to be different for different scenarios and people rigging them to be honest.
Moritz L - on 16 Feb 2013
In reply to Jackwd:
Don't use a locking biner for attaching the lanyard. Most people use either steel rings or figs of eight
Nick Nitro - on 16 Feb 2013
In reply to Jackwd: Seriously, don'y try this just by reading something on the internet. We don't want anybody giving us a bad name because of poor rigging.

There's a ton load of us in the North West that regularly highline in Liverpool or we travel to the slate quarries when we fancy.
Alternatively, if you're down south there's a load of trickliners that also dabble in highlining.

Best thing to do is to ask around in the UK Slackline Association on Facebook.

We recently did a quick little video for Sony if you're interested. Come join us.
Nick Nitro - on 16 Feb 2013
In reply to Jackwd: I missed out the fact that if you want some one to show you, best to find us and ask.

Where are you based?
Jackwd - on 19 Feb 2013
In reply to Nick Nitro: Thanks for the offer but i'm based in Lincolnshire! Which is a fair old distance and I don't drive sadly!

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