/ stob coire nam beith, which routes still complete?

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tsarted on 20 Feb 2013 - host86-137-76-155.range86-137.btcentralplus.com
Mainly interested in North-West Gully, Arch Gully or Deep Cut Chimney. Can anyone who has been up there in the last few days tell me if any of them are still complete please?
chaser on 22 Feb 2013 - whois?
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Id be interested in this too. Has anyone climbed anything on stob coire nam beith in the last couple of days? Or seen it from SCNL and have any idea which routes are still complete?
Wee Davie - on 22 Feb 2013
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Drove past it today. I'd reckon most routes would be climbable but thin. Stob Coire nan Lochan was white. Buttresses looking a bit black at Stob Coire nam Beith level but gullies should be good.
James Gordon - on 23 Feb 2013
In reply to Wee Davie: deep cut/central not really climable, only marginal. NW gully good. Arch gully looked good.
LakesWinter on 23 Feb 2013
In reply to tsarted: Arch looked fine, if a bit banked out from the top of Stob Coire yesterday. Deep cut/Central looked a bit thin. Stob coire in very good nick but south and central buttresses not rimed. Crest route was rimed though.
In reply to tsarted: NW gully was good two days ago, conditions make it very easy for over 95% of it - soloable, but no place for a slip, that oculd be terminal - with about 4m of steep snowice above the shoulder. Deep Cut was not in.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.