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tinks on 01 Mar 2013 - sethford-pc.cg.esol.dur.ac.uk [hamster.dur.ac.uk]

I'm looking to fill my gear rack with gloves for all weather and activities. In particular I'm looking for a pair of soft shell gloves and a pair suitable for ice climbing and another for general mountaineering. I'd be very grateful for any recommendations!
Siward on 01 Mar 2013
In reply to tinks: Mountaon Equipment Randonnee (sp?) are a good, leather palmed, soft shell backed, fibre pile lined general cold weather glove. Not waterproof but great in the wet too. Recommended.
Siward on 01 Mar 2013
In reply to Siward: Mountain, even.
Strachan on 01 Mar 2013
In reply to tinks:
Another vote for the Randonee.
The Couloir (also ME) is really good too, and has the advantage of being waterproof, and having wrist loops, but I found them too warm for Scottish Winter and for skiing. They are also more expensive,and less dextrous so I would probably just go for the Randonee unless waterproofness and a huge gauntlet are top priorities.
Alasdair Fulton - on 01 Mar 2013
In reply to Strachan: I tried the couloir gloves on a few ice routes and I felt that there was far too much padding on the palm. I got stupidly pumped on a short section of WI4.
martinph78 on 01 Mar 2013
In reply to tinks: I was going to say "don't get the ME Randonee" but looks like I'm out-voted!

Pretty disappointed with mine, find the very cold when wet, take too long to dry, and are falling to bits. I've had the seam-grip out the other day actually, gluing the stitching back together around the fingers where the softshell seems to be "delaminating" in many places, and the stitching around the seams is coming to bits. I wouldn't buy another pair as they just aren't lasting.

My polartec Black Diamond gloves with "ceramic leather palm" were far better in the wet, dried quickly, and lasted 10x longer. Shame I couldn't find them in the UK to replace them

LJC - on 01 Mar 2013
In reply to tinks: Found the couloir glove to be rubbish tbh. Plenty of opinions on the forums if you have a search through for particular uses/brands.

As long as it is fairly dry, and not too chilly a pair of soft shells with good sticky palms will do for ice climbing if you want dexterity. Use a warmer pair if you are belaying for a longer time. ME guide gloves work for me general use, but I've moved over to arcteryx for my really warm ones. Make sure your gloves work with you're axe handles too.
LJC - on 01 Mar 2013
In reply to LJC: Also, remember that idiot loops are really easy to DIY if you feel you need them. Personally a huge gauntlet is a must for me.
matejn - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to tinks: Based on my personal experience I would suggest Bd Impulse gloves as soft shell gloves that are also very good for ice climbing. Warm when wet, durable and great for gear handling. For general mountaineering I´m using Montane Extreme gloves and could not be happier.
iksander on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to tinks: Fit is the most important, but try some of these: ME Randonee or OR Extravert or OR Alpine Alibi II or ME Mountain Stretch (longer cuffs and waterproof)
Ron Walker - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to tinks:

Once you cut off the velcro tabs, the ME Randonee are good, robust and warm at the price. OK for snow and ice routes where warmth is more important than dexterity
GridNorth - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to tinks: Lots of people rave about these and from what I can gather plenty of guides wear them. I might try some next winter, it's got to be better than stumping up £80 for something that only lasts a couple of seasons if you are lucky.

Siward on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to GridNorth: Has anyone actually used these in anger? WHat's so good about them?
Gwilymstarks on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to tinks:

I wear thin Seal Skinz waterproof gloves. I find these do all the jobs. Thin enough to hold axes, places screws, hold rock etc etc. I always carry a pair of large mits to put over the top on belays but very rarely use them.

Disclimer: I very rarely get cold hands and never wear gloves when kayaking etc in winter so maybe my opnion on warmth is slightly skewed.
GridNorth - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to Siward: Warm, dextrous and hard wearing according to some posts on this forum.
Baron Weasel - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to Siward:
> (In reply to GridNorth) Has anyone actually used these in anger? WHat's so good about them?

Venitex are the best gloves ever - don't use any others in winter now. Your hands will stay warm were all other gloves fail you!

AlH - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to Siward: Price vs durability and reasonable weight for dexterity. Not a top spec mountain glove but e.g. my Punishers have for out after a dozen days work whereas one pair of similar warmth venitex still going strong after 3 weeks ski mountaineering in Greenland, an autumn Mountaineering in Scotland and more than a dozen day's mountaineering in scotland this winter.
OwenM - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to tinks: I use venitex gloves for all types of skiing they are brilliant. Warm hard wearing and the lining stays put when you take your wet hand out of the glove. All for under £20.
PGD - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to OwenM: where can I get ventix gloves in a size 9?
TobyA on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to tinks: Living in a cold country and ice climbing or skiing of some type most weekends I've tried lots of different gloves. For wet ice you really need goretex or similar, softshell will only work if the ice is cold and dry.

The recommended leather gloves look good although the fluffy cuffs look a bit silly! An alternative is the Marmot Basic Work Glove: http://lightfromthenorth.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/marmot-basic-work-glove-review.html I've only ever paid €20 a pair for mine and they've been frankly superb. On my old pair a tiny hole has developed in one seam this winter - but I've had them for five (possibly six) winters and they've been used loads. Nikwax them to last longer and be more water repellent. Mine get used for just about everything except to actually climb in where I'll stick my goretex/event gloves on.
OwenM - on 02 Mar 2013
AlH - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to TobyA: I use the Marmot glove in summer but the venitex is MUCH warmer.
For proper winter conditions in Scotland pile is the way to go for when (not if) they get wet. Love ME Couloirs (or, as Ron says Randonees if a little warmer but I wear them out fast).
This year I've been playing with some Outdoor Research Gloves (Alibis)- excellent fit and dexterity, warm but dead (holes between thumb and forefinger and most fingertips) after 40 days. Last year I borrowed a pair of OR Warrants for a week and though they seemed super tough and warm for dexterity.
PGD - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to OwenM: cheers but they only sell size 8 or 10
TobyA on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to AlH:
> (In reply to TobyA) I use the Marmot glove in summer but the venitex is MUCH warmer.

Interesting - warmer when wet or always warmer? Because I often use my marmots when its -10 (actually, for walking to work and the like I've used them when it's -20!) but obviously it's very dry then. But like I said, I don't very often climb in them as they'll get wet on soggy ice. I've got some pile lined workmen's glove and they are warm too, but I can't do much in them (for instance when changing the wheels on my car I remember trying to thread the nuts on is tricky in them) - the pile makes the fingers less sensitive. The nice thing about the work gloves is that I can do most things in them - even change podcasts on my iPod!

Might pick up a pair of venitex ones though as the price seems very fair. I see lots of old fellas round here out cross country skiing in their pile lined workmen's gloves - these kind of things http://biltema.fi/fi/Tyokalut/Tyovaatteet-ja-suojavarusteet/Kasineet/Kasineet-382735/ I guess at €5.50 you can't get much cheaper!
Morgan Woods - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to tinks:

i find a lot of gloves have ridiculously long fingers so have settled on BD and OR for skiing and ice climbing. Always worth carrying a few pairs with you.
AlH - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to TobyA: Warmer than the Marmot when wet as they have a thicker insulation. But I keep them very well proofed. Once soaked I'm reaching for another pair of gloves pretty quick.
Mike7 on 03 Mar 2013
In reply to Siward:

I own them, but don't particularly like them.

I found them very loose around the cuff area and far less warm than I expected them to be.

My hands don't particularly feel the cold, however, I did feel that the wind shot through these.

Perhaps I simply bought a bad pair? - based upon those I purchased I wouldn't recommend them, but I do like the traditional hard-wearing gloves, so am keen to try the Marmot Work Gloves instead.

(By the way, if anyone wants a nearly new pair of the above then we'll say £5 plus postage??)
ford23 - on 03 Mar 2013
In reply to tinks: anyone know where you can get ventex gloves size 8? everywhere seems sold out
captain paranoia - on 04 Mar 2013
In reply to TobyA:

Has anyone tried the Decathlon leather gloves; they look pretty similar to the Venitex, barring the furry cuff...

Tim Shepherd on 05 Mar 2013 - host109-158-191-55.range109-158.btcentralplus.com
In reply to sethmford: We have sold out and can not get any more size 8 until later this year (August) even the French makers have sold out this season.

They only come in the size 8, 10 and a huge 11! if your a size 9 then a size 8 will be fine as they give with use.

Hope this helps, I just lurk in the back ground on this forum but only to happy to help out if I can.

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