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DaveH70 - on 05 Mar 2013
I've got a pair of 5-10 shoes that I don't know the name of that have a sort of heel support built in. I find them very comfy and would like to find something similar as they don't make these any more. I know Mad Rock did some but again have just discontinued them! Does anyone know of anything like it that are around and available now? I'd add a photo but don't know how! lol
DaveH70 - on 05 Mar 2013
Martin W on 06 Mar 2013
In reply to DaveH70: Those are 5.10 Ascents and as you say they don't make them any more. I have two pairs at home which I save for long outdoor routes these days in order to avoid trashing them on stuff that I don't need the comfort for. Both have been resoled once by Cheshire Shoe Repairs with Stealth rubber, which has worked fine given that I keep them for comfort rather than precision.

I don't know of any other currently available rock shoes which have the heel pad of the Ascent, sorry.

From your photo I'd say that yours maybe just need a bit of a wash and, if they're wearing thin, a resole?
ti_pin_man - on 06 Mar 2013
In reply to DaveH70: I'd send them to Llanberis resoles, he got some 5.10 stealth in just a couple of weeks ago.
Rich L - on 06 Mar 2013
In reply to DaveH70:
There was a thread similar to this a couple of days ago.

I was convinced that these types of shoes had long been discontinued. However, someone pointed out that the new Scarpa Force X has a padded heel.
DaveH70 - on 06 Mar 2013
In reply to Martin W:

Ya a wash wouldn't go amiss! lol As for resoling, did you get the full sole done or just the bit in front of the feel?
DaveH70 - on 06 Mar 2013
In reply to Rich L:

Ya there doesn't seem to be anything like them around these days, don't know why they are great for long days! I'll check out the ones you mentioned, cheers.
zigzag - on 08 Mar 2013
In repHily to DaveH70:

Hi Dave, why not have them re-soled mate, I still climb sometimes in my origanal E-Bs
no you'll not remember them probably, I've had them nearly 30 years and re-soled many times and the're really comfortable
DaveH70 - on 23 Mar 2013
In reply to zigzag: I'm going to mate, I've spoken to the guy at Llanberis resole and going to get them sent off when I can, only thing is that will leave me shoeless so looking for another pair
Martin W on 23 Mar 2013
In reply to DaveH70: Sorry, missed your follow-up question. The answer is that Cheshire Shoe Repairs will do a 1/2 sole repair in Stealth rubber. That's what I got done to both my pairs and they were fine, plus the dotty/ribbed heel grip is retained. There's always a risk that a re-sole will change the feel of a rock shoe a bit - and that did happen with mine - but since the Ascents aren't a precision shoe anyway I don't think it makes much if any difference to how they are to actually climb in.

I got my second pair of Ascents re-soled at the same time as buying new shoes (Anasazis). It's so cheap compared to the cost of a new pair of shoes that it seemed silly not to. So I can still get the Ascents out for long, relatively easy multi-pitch routes, or if I'm messing about in a central belt quarry somewhere just getting some fresh air and exercise rather than trying to do more difficult stuff (not that I do very difficult stuff anyway).
cha1n on 23 Mar 2013
In reply to DaveH70:

The 5.10 V-Mile are similar but are also now discontinued. Although there may be some knocking about in limited sizes as they are a newer shoe, for example:


Try looking on google.

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