/ SWMC Club Hut in North Wales refurbished

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mattrm - on 15 Mar 2013
Over the past few years the South Wales Mountaineering Club have been have been planning to refurbish our hut in Deiniolen (nr Llanberis), North Wales. This has recently come to fruition with the hut now sporting new showers, a new changing room. The whole bathroom area has been replaced. Also new gas stoves have been installed, the coin operated gas meter has been removed (so no need to take loads of cash up for heating) and new mattresses have been installed.

Many thanks to everyone involved, Jayne Hoskins the previous Hut Warden has done an incredible amount of work in sorting out all the various contractors and arranging for everything to be done. Thanks to previous and current committee members, Rhys, Alys, Ian, Sara and Steve for laying all the ground work.

More information (and photos!) of the refurb are here - http://www.southwalesmountaineering.org.uk/en/node/111

Full Details of the hut are here - http://www.southwalesmountaineering.org.uk/en/hut

To make a booking, please email Tim Popplestone at bookings@southwalesmountaineering.org.uk
joe gallacher - on 18 Mar 2013
In reply to mattrm: Great location , great facility , looking forward to a lonnnnng hot(dry...ish...) season climbing up in Llanberis and chilling out of an evening.
Nigel R Lewis - on 29 Mar 2013
In reply to mattrm:
This was a great hut before any refurb, so I can't wait to see it now!

gethin_allen on 30 Mar 2013
In reply to mattrm:
I'll have to get me arse in gear and join up as originally planned about 9 months back before I broke my wrist. Are people still going to dynamic rock on Wednesdays?
mattrm - on 30 Mar 2013
In reply to gethin_allen:

Yup, we're still at Dynamic Rock and Boulders on a Wednesdays. Some of us also go to V9 and Summit/WICC/Rock UK. Hopefully we'll be going outside soonish however, weather permitting.

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