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Simoniz on 17 Mar 2013 - cpc2-croy8-0-0-cust215.croy.cable.virginmedia.com
Hi climbers.
I just want to tell my story
Im not a climber, i never seen any mountain in real, nothing to do with climbing,
Drinking beer, smoking.
I have normal life, normal job, I mean i working as a builder.
From the past few months somthink pulling me to mountains. I just woke up some morning, and start having this desire to go and climb mountain, to walk in snow and wind, climb this mountain. this become obsession, I just feel like buy thicket to nepal and walk and walk,
Whats the matter with me?? I started buying thinks on ebay, ropes, sleeping bag, ice axes etc. is it normal?

xplorer on 17 Mar 2013
In reply to Simoniz:

The UKC crew will be along very soon
needvert on 17 Mar 2013
Perfectly normal.

The smoking and normal life will have to go, though.
David Ponting on 17 Mar 2013
In reply to Simoniz:

I think Tolkein has something to say about this: "The dweller in the quiet and fertile plains may hear of the tormented hills and the unharvested sea and long for them in his heart."

Anyway, the 'pull' is a feeling that a lot of us feel - though we can alleviate it with memory - and it's one of the reasons that I head to the hills.

In terms of getting there, be careful with ebay-bought safety kit - since you don't know where it's been or whether it's still safe - but get out there and have fun! I would recommend joining a climbing club and going with them at least to start - they'll have experience, equipment, people to climb/walk with and are generally good things.
Skyfall - on 17 Mar 2013
In reply to Simoniz:

David's post was spot on. Many people feel an attraction to the mountains and have to get a regular fix. I think that it is quite compelling when it first hits you. I was always a hill walker but, when the climbing bug got to me, I was totally obsessed about it. Now it's a part of my life and, again as David says, when I can't actually get out climbing I do at least have memories to fall back on.

I'd also recommend you get out in the hills and get some experience and build it up slowly. I wouldn't bother buying a lot of gear off ebay until you really know what you want. Plus, as pointed out, it can be dangerous to assume it's been well treated etc.

I know from experience that when you feel that initial urge to climb, it can be quite hard to get into it if you don't have a load of friends who climb. You could join a climbing club (though many do not actively 'teach' novices) or go to your local indoor climbing wall to learn the basics, meet some people in a similar situation and maybe find a partner to head out into the hills with.

There are also some good course at places like Plas y Brenin in N Wales, and alpine climbing courses. However, make sure you get some hill experience first I would suggest or you won't get much out of them.

Have fun whatever.
JLS on 17 Mar 2013
In reply to Simoniz:

Check out some of the British Mountaineering Council instruction DVD's.

The Hillwalking, Winter & Alpine ones will be useful and should point you in the right direction, perhaps prevent you from falling foul of the most dangerous school boy errors.

E.g. http://www.thebmc.co.uk/hill-walking-essentials-dvd

Plent nice things to do in Wales, the Lakes and Scotland to find your feet before venture off to the Alps and Nepal.

Good luck.
Simoniz on 17 Mar 2013 - whois?
In reply to Simoniz: thank you guys. Yea I need to find somone to go to the hills, then mountins, all my friends they dont feel it, they asking why, why you wana climb mountain. O gosh, and my wife, she saw i buying this camping and climbing gear, she stares at me in pity.
I go to lake district first.
Simoniz on 17 Mar 2013 - cpc2-croy8-0-0-cust215.croy.cable.virginmedia.com
Fraser on 17 Mar 2013
[ okay, for future reference I'm calling it right here right now ]
Pero - on 17 Mar 2013
There's some monumental leg-pulling going on here!
Dave 88 - on 17 Mar 2013
In reply to Fraser:

It's got all the usual bait!
JLS on 17 Mar 2013
In reply to Fraser:

No, no. It's not allowed in the beginners forum. No points are winnable from that starting point.
subalpine - on 17 Mar 2013
digby - on 17 Mar 2013
In reply to Simoniz:

Quality man; as they say here.
matthewtraver - on 17 Mar 2013
In reply to Simoniz:

This is cool to hear. Enjoy the journey, it will take you to some great places
subalpine - on 17 Mar 2013
In reply to digby: depends on the supersensible substrate of the experience, surely?
Chrismith - on 26 Mar 2013
In reply to Simoniz: Get out there and do it!

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