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garrett85 - on 19 Mar 2013

We're hoping to climb some routes on the N face of grossglockner in April, but it seems like the Hochalpinstrasse is closed until May.
Does anyone know if it's possible to get to the Franz-Josefs-Haus when the road's closed, or if there's any other way to access the north face?.
We're willing to ski in if it's reasonable, but we're not very good skiers.

Otherwise, any other suggestions for N face routes in Austria in April?

Paavo Lane - on 20 Mar 2013
In reply to garrett85:
You can ski in from the Lucknerhaus near Kals on the southern (East Tirol) side, over the Adlersruhe hut, down the the Hoffmannskees glacier on the north side, then traverse to the route up to the bivi hut below the north face. It should be possible to do this in a day, or you could stay the night in the Studl hut (should be fully open now).

I went in this way in November 2011, a bit of a slog, but aids acclimatisation...

Bear in mind you will almost certainly require skis unless it hasn't snowed for a long time.

You may also be able to access the Franz Josefs Haus via the village of Heligenblut or the ski area above it.

Which route have you got in mind?

garrett85 - on 21 Mar 2013
In reply to Paavo Lane:
Thanks for that.

I was looking at the aschenbrenner or maylerrampe since they seem to come into condition early.

I don't mind a straightforward ski approach, but we're pretty new to touring, so I wouldn't want to do anything too technical. What's the approach over the Hoffmanskees like?

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.