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williamsf1 - on 21 Mar 2013

Introducing the Inaugural British Circuit Board Championships. Proudly bought to you by The Climbing Station and Sherpa adventure gear.

The Sherpa British Circuit Board Championships is a new concept where climbers compete on a circuit board. It is aimed at climbers just wanting a focus for their training to elite climbers alike looking to be crowned British Champion.

The April round begins on Thursday 28th March

There will be two qualifying rounds run throughout April and May with a final on 8th June 2013. How does it work? Each qualifying round will have 8 circuit routes set and available to climb throughout the month: F5 / 6a / 6b /6c / 7a / 7b / 7c / F8a.

Competitors select one ability category from the two below. Points will be entered into the scoring system for your chosen category:

• Fun is for climbers who climb in the grade range F5 to 6c.

• Open is for climbers who climb in the grade range F7a to 8a.

Routes will be set in the circuit room at The Climbing Station and to take part you need to buy a score card for £2.50 for both rounds.

To qualify for the final you must have entered both qualifying rounds. The top 5 from each category: male, female and junior (aged 16 and under) will qualify for the final to be held on the 8th June 2013 and will culminating in the crowning of Sherpa British Circuit Board Champion (male, female and junior) We have some fantastic prizes and trophies for the top three finalists in each category.

The final on the 8th of June will be the headline event to our climbing festival- This will be big day including:

- Boulder comp

- Dyno Comp

- Free BBQ

- Shoe demo

-Climbing Masterclass

-And many more events to satisfy all.

Full rules can be found at: http://www.theclimbingstation.com/news-events/the-sherpa-british-circuit-board-championships-2013.ht...

Keendan - on 21 Mar 2013
In reply to williamsf1:

well that looks great. Everyone should definitely come along at some point to try out the circuits!
Bouldermunkey on 22 Mar 2013 - cpc9-shep11-2-0-cust212.8-3.cable.virginmedia.com
In reply to williamsf1: This looks mega! Can't wait to come and try it

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