/ FS: Bouldering Wall, Clothing, Crampons& Hardware

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markk on 25 Mar 2013
premier post photo
Bouldering Wall:
Three panels. kickerboard, one edge panel and lots of holds. Holds range from long rails & big buckets to small edges and include a few hardwood holds and a genuine torridonian lovestone hold too. In addition to the panels & holds, any re-usable parts of the frame will be included. Looking for offers around £275 and happy to assist with delivery in the Inverness area.
Selection of photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mark_up_north/sets/72157633076322159/

Mountain Hardwear Belay Jacket, size medium, colour black - £22.
Very good condition. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mark_up_north/8586813218/in/set-72157633080808038/

Mountaineering hardshell jacket. Lowe Alpine triplepoint tacket, size medium, colour lime green/black. Great condition with no rips or tears. Nb Size medium is reasonably generous. - £40.

Parasupply Softshell Jacket, Size Medium – £35
Excellent condition, (link to Parasupply website www.parasupply.com/revamp/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/75)
Photo here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mark_up_north/8565799299/in/set-72157633017369687

Grivel 2F crampons note that the front sections are not exactly the same model - £22.50

Climbing Kit/ Hardware:
Bulldog - £10 http://www.flickr.com/photos/mark_up_north/8586842088/in/photostream

Two DMM Revolvers, inc extender and both krabs (excellent condition) - £15 each

Wires - set of 6 Stoppers on wire - £12 for the set

Metolius Big Wall Bandolier (unused) - £30

HB Belay plate (suitable for thin ropes) - £7

Sprung Stitch Plate - £4.50

Friend 2.5’s. with rigid stems (well used) - £6 each.

A pair of Petzl Ladder Etriers - £15

5 Keyhole bolt/rivet hangers - £14
The sort of thing you need to do the routes at Castle Hill Basin, NZ or for some aid routes. Info here: http://www.upandunder.co.uk/Outdoor/Climbing/Pegs-and-Aid/P---38-keyhole-rivert-hanger---24161/
Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mark_up_north/8585712747/in/photostream/

Black Diamond 'Nightray' headtorch - £7

With the exception of the wall, all prices include postage, happy to reduce postage for combined items. Any questions please just ask.
FallingUp - on 25 Mar 2013
In reply to markk: will take the dmm revolvers.
frankbabs on 25 Mar 2013
In reply to markk:

I'll take the MHW belay jacket please.
markk on 25 Mar 2013
- DMM Revolvers sold.

- Belay jacket sold.

- PRhodriT - you have mail.
blackholesun - on 26 Mar 2013
In reply to markk: I'd like the set of wires and one of the cams if that's possible.
markk on 26 Mar 2013
In reply to blackholesun: just mailed you.
ARussell - on 04 Jul 2013
In reply to markk: Is the head torch still for sale?

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