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saz_b - on 25 Mar 2013
Looking for some travel insurance to India and Nepal for 6 weeks, including an expedition to Ama Dablam. It's over 6000m so a lot of general insurance exclude this kind of activity, including the Austrian Alpine Club!

Last time I was in Kathmandu, I took out great value 'Peak Insurance' for the duration of a summit push to cover emergency recovery, but only found out later that I was risking invalidating my general travel insurance for the rest of the trip!

Does anyone have any recommendations, or a ballpark price figure to aim for?

Mountain Llama on 25 Mar 2013
In reply to saz_b: Bmc, snowcard? Try searching the forums there are 10s of previous post with good info
Pero - on 25 Mar 2013
In reply to saz_b: The BMC website will give you a quote.
jolivague on 25 Mar 2013 - 5ad96f10.bb.sky.com
In reply to saz_b:

Campbell Irvine and Dogtag are worth a look, not sure on cost but I had the top coverage from Dogtag on Aconcagua and that was £140 for a month.
saz_b - on 25 Mar 2013
In reply to jolivague: thanks for the recommendation. Exactly what in looking for.

Will check snocard too, have found their cover more flexible and better value than the bmc in the past, but always felt that there were/should be more companies out there, that don't necessarily come up on a google search.
saz_b - on 25 Mar 2013
In reply to Mountain Llama: sorry for missing it but "ama dablam insurance" bore no fruit as a search. "Insurance" didn't really narrow down to high altitude expeds. And I'm really lazy ;-)
damowilk on 26 Mar 2013
In reply to saz_b:
The standard answer, and the one I went with for Ama Dablam, used to be IHI. But, I think something has changed about it now which makes it less attractive, hopefully someone who knows a bit more will be along.

It was the cheapest cover for high altitude I could find, and you didn't have to get it from home country to home country, unlike many other insurers (WARNING, many policies are invalidated if you don't get them for the entire trip from home and back, and they'll use this as a reason to decline a claim, its really fairly obvious from your travel tickets.)

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.