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David Kay - on 26 Mar 2013

After going up and down SCNL then Ben Nevis three days on the trot I've managed to knacker my knees a little bit. They were quite painful coming down Ben Nevis the last day, then just walking around was painful the next day. This was about a month ago.

The pain went away, but recently it's come back. It's a bit different this time round - feels like there is some tension there, particularly on the sides of my kneecaps facing inwards.

Ibuprofen seems to be working, as do some general mobility type exercises. Does anyone know some more specific stretches or strengthening exercises?


David Kay - on 26 Mar 2013
In reply to David Kirsfelds: thanks*
pork pie girl - on 26 Mar 2013
In reply to David Kirsfelds: sounds like there's stll some inflammation, try icing them to help with this rather thaj just anti inflams
don't know what exercises to recomment a. because i don't know what's wrong with your knees. b, if i did know i probbaly still wouldn't know what to suggest

however i would try find out what causes the pain... havbe you been going running or anything since your trip to scotland?

avoid stuff like deep heavy squatting in the gym... not sure of you work out in the gym or not though?

maybe get a session with agood physio for some advice.. sounds like you've had it for a few weeks now

David Kay - on 26 Mar 2013
In reply to pork pie girl: I went running once which didn't make them feel better but not much worse, then some bouldering involving dropped knees/twisting them onto holds. I think this might have set off the inflammation/pain again. I don't go to the gym, but squatting down to reach I can feel something when I squat down to reach something.

hedgepig - on 26 Mar 2013
In reply to David Kirsfelds: Sometimes resting a minor injury results in everything else tightening up. So mobility (sit on the edge of a table and flap you legs up and down 100 or so times), calf and hamstring stretches, and ice when it's painful. Can you sit on your heels? If knee flexion is more limited than usual this may be due to a taut iliotibial band (there are exercises for this but I use a foam roller). Otherwise avoid exacerbating the problem - Do low-impact things for fitness (eg bike, swim). Avoid rocking up onto a high foothold on the bad knee. And strengthen the quads especially vastus medialis (what the gym guys call the teardrop muscle). Is there a physio attached to your climbing wall? A consultation with him/her may allow you to nip the problem in the bud.
mattking_109 - on 26 Mar 2013
David Kay - on 26 Mar 2013
Hedgepig - Yeh I've been doing a lot of sitting around with work which probably hasn't made it much better...

Mattking - Cheers for that! Will give some of the exercises a go.

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