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...to run on the published dates, with a UK leader at the advertised price (£2,685 with flights from the UK and all park fees).

The following Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Glades departures have our 'The Triple-Locked™ Guarantee (for more information, see below):

Sat 6 Jul - Mon 15 Jul '13
Sat 17 Aug - Mon 26 Aug '13
Sat 31 Aug - Mon 9 Sep '13
Sat 7 Sep - Mon 16 Sep '13
Mon 16 Sep - Fri 27 Sep '13 (13-day Mt Meru + Umbwe/Western Breach departure for mountaineers £3,095 from the UK)
Sun 29 Sep - Tue 8 Oct '13

Details of our 10-day Kilimanjaro Lemosho Glades trek:

Details of the 13-day Western Breach climb:

Contact us on 0114 276 3322 or email info@jagged-globe.co.uk to find out more about these routes and why More Acclimatisation = More Success.

Triple-Locked™ Guarantee
Before you book a trip, you will want to know that the trip will run, that it will depart on the advertised date, that the price will not change and that the services promised will be provided. You don’t need hassle over leave dates or the worry of not knowing what the final price might be, or whether services will be downgraded or excluded altogether. To give you the assurances you need, as soon as we put an 'orange dot' next to a trip on our website, it becomes Triple-Locked™:

The Triple-Locked™ Guarantees are:
1. Guaranteed: The trip will run and it will depart on the date advertised (FCO Travel Advice allowing).
2. Guaranteed: You will pay what it says on your invoice and no more (i.e. no surcharges).
3. Guaranteed: The quality and quantity of services supplied to you will be as advertised: we guarantee to provide flights, hotels, leadership, guides, porters, meals, in-country transport and accommodation, all to the quality, quantity and level promised.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.