/ For Sale - Paraglider wing, harness & reserve

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Rich Cuthbert - on 01 Apr 2013
Paraglider For Sale:

Wing - Airwave Wave DHV-1 Medium size (80-100kg), with <40 hours of mountain flights and in very good condition. Purchased in 2007 and never crashed or damaged. Wing is slightly dusty with some bits of dried grass in pockets (last flown in Nepal and packed in a dry paddy field), but has always been accordion folded and stored properly (I would empty the grass out, but house is too small to lay out the wing). The wing is red and white and comes with storage bag and compression strap.

Paragliding Harness - SupAir Acces Airbag with speed bar and karabiners, bought new in 2007. Never crashed or involved in heavy landings. Slightly dusty as flown in Nepal, but in good condition.

Reserve – Profile 22 Reserve Parachute (120kg) purchased in 2009 and never deployed. Condition as new, but needs repacking before flying. Airwave rucksack for wing/harness/reserve (rucksack slightly scruffy).

This is a very good kit for a newly qualified pilot and the Airwave Wave DHV-1 is a stable wing with good performance for its class. I used this kit for 4 flying trips in Nepal from 2007-2010 but for a total of 30-40 hours max air time. I’m moving house and no longer able to visit Nepal for flying and don’t have time to fly in the UK.

Price for whole package £1,100 ono. I’m based in Derbyshire but regularly travel to Bedfordshire for work, so could arrange pick-up or drop-off at either site or on route. Contact Richard on 01773 828872 (please leave a message if I’m not in) or email richard_cuthbert@yahoo.co.uk
Capt. Spacey on 02 Apr 2013 - cpc1-darl8-2-0-cust106.11-2.cable.virginmedia.com
In reply to Rich Cuthbert: This is a great beginer wing had some great times on a Wave, very forgiving.Try the site below i have sold a few wings on this site.

koolkat - on 04 Apr 2013
In reply to Rich Cuthbert: also try skyads another free site

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