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dakds - on 02 Apr 2013
I'm looking for somewhere to go bouldering in the north west - I'm thinking the Lakes. In particular I'm looking for somewhere that would be good for a non-climber to come along too and have a nice time wandering about/enjoying the views/having a picnic.

Ideally with a wide range of grades too - otherwise low-mid range grades.
Thanks in advance.
Fluvial - on 03 Apr 2013
In reply to dakds:

Langdale Boulders in beautiful spot, next to road and near to pubs and walks lovely views - different bouldering but not a great deal of it. Ace for an evening
Jon Stewart - on 03 Apr 2013
In reply to dakds:

Way the best bouldering in/near the Lakes is on the beach at St Bees - I reckon the best mid-grade bouldering venue in the UK. And a wonderful spot for non-climbers. Might be a bit of a drive, but I'd say it's worth it.

Here's some pictures to help convince you:

Fluvial - on 04 Apr 2013
In reply to Jon Stewart:

Yep defo agree with that as well, is a drive mind
Neil Amos - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to dakds: In reply to dakds: St bees not as good as mr Stewart suggests especially as you have mentioned a non climber is going as the access can be difficult.

Car rock fell on the other hand is roadside, has a good spread of grades and apparently keeps on giving
hfac - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to dakds: Carrock could get very cold if you don't catch it at the right time, otherwise the views are amazing and so is the climbing.
St bees South head would've been a great choice but it's off bounds thanks to the nesting season. North head's approach isn't ideal for a non-climber.
Seathwaite has a lovely little circuit, not a huge amount but good enough to spend a day at, got something to offer at nearly every grade up to V8/9. There's a small patch of pretty concentrated V0/1s. Great views on a clear day, and it's also tucked out the way so you might even have the place to yourselves.
deacondeacon - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to dakds:
Kentmere is a great spot for a non climber. Beautiful valley and village a little off the beaten track compared to most of the lakes and quick access if coming from the East or South. Bouldering is really good with a good grade spread.
Sorry Jon but St. Bees could be a nightmare with a non climber, the approach is probably a grade 2 scramble and lethal if it's at all damp.
biscuit - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to oldcheese:

Not as far as you may think and it is THAT good. The A66 means it's only 30 mins from Keswick. More of a walk in than Carrock but a late morning arrival will see you in the sun ( if there is any ) until night time.

You don't say what your group of non climbers consist of. Families with pushchairs and dogs or outdoor enthusiast who've just never climbed before? There is a lot for the latter to do in the area.

If they are adventurous they can come down the approach with you. It's very steep ground with in situ knotted ropes for aid. Once down they can explore but not a right lot else. Lots for non climbers to have a go at though. There's literally tonnes of stuff at V0 and below that's not documented.

If they are going to be total non climbers they can walk along the top of the cliff to the RSPB birdwatching points and on to Fleswick bay whic is a great spot for a picnic, and also has bouldering but VERY tide dependent. If the water has recently been up to the cliff base the pebbles can be 5-6ft lower than normal and what were V1 sit starts are now V6 standing starts.It's a great beach for rock pools, exploring ship wrecks, picnics and sunsets.

There's also St Bees itself just down the road which they could amuse themselves at while you climb.

No idea as to the conditions of Carrock at the moment but it can get very cold and very boggy.
Glenn Sutcliffe - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to dakds:
Brant Fell, stunning views, 20 min walk from Bowness, steady grades

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