/ Summer Sport Climbing Destination for Beginners??

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Steve Hillier - on 04 Apr 2013
Looking to take a group of a few beginners for a week sport climbing in europe, any suggestions for good places to go in june? many thanks
The Ex-Engineer - on 05 Apr 2013
In reply to Steve Hillier: My first thought would be that France is the ideal June destination.

There is a lifetimes supply of climbing there. Also there are superb, up to date, English language Rockfax guides to 4 distinct areas:
- Ariège
- Languedoc-Roussillon
- Côte d’Azur
- Haute Provence
See http://www.rockfax.com/tagged/france/

Unfortunately I couldn't start to give you any detailed advice about which specific crags or areas might be best. Others may be able to be more specific.
Zebdi - on 05 Apr 2013
In reply to Steve Hillier:

Orpierre might be a good choice. All sectors are within walking distance from the campsite (or any other accomodation in village) and you'll find plenty of easy routes there. Check Haute Provence guidebook for more info.
jenniwat001 on 05 Apr 2013
In reply to Steve Hillier:

We went to Burgundy last June for a week, visited saffress, haute-roches, remigny, rome-chateuax and a few others, rented a house and a 9 seater car, had a great time- nice climbs, good range, great set up, lovely weather (one rainy thundery day but generally lovely, sunny, not too hot). We flew into Paris, it was a 2.5hour drive down but there are closer airports. Whole week, food, car, petrol, accomodation, flights and spending money included was £300.
john arran - on 05 Apr 2013
In reply to Steve Hillier:

The Ex-Engineer is right in that many places in France will be perfect in June - maybe a little warm in many places for harder climbing unless there's shade but lovely for beginners.

Here in Ariège you'd have the choice of 3 rock types - each of which has plenty of good quality grade 4 and 5 routes, and also several good options for introductory multi-pitch - usually on well-bolted edgy granite.

Most of the info you'll need is in the new Rockfax guide but feel free to ask me if you want any more specific suggestions or advice.
Eddie1234 - on 16 Apr 2013
In reply to Steve Hillier: Its just getting to the end of the season in June but i've just got back from a trip to Antalya, theres loads of fanatastic climbing at all grades and it's relatively quiet. I'd look more towards the mountain crags (an hour drive from Antalya) at that time of year.

Take a look here for some photos - http://roebuckmountaineering.co.uk/blog

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