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HarleyQ - on 07 Apr 2013
So I can't be the only one out there with this issue - my feet are two different sizes, so instead of buying two pairs of shoes I cram one foot into a vice grip of pain (more than normal) so I wondered, what about if there was a shoe trade?

I am currently climbing in one 3.5 muira and one 5 spirit red chilli which may aswell be a slipper at this point and my gradual process of trying to stretch my other muira is taking longer than I hoped.

People could post on here for left or right shoes sizes they have that are spare or shoes they need and people could swap or buy/sell. Does this sound like a sensible idea or have things like this failed in the past?

Thanks, Ahlam
Steve nevers on 07 Apr 2013
In reply to Ahlam Qattan: One of the shoe companies sell odd sizes if you contact them direct, actually i imagine most will, think the company i'm thinking of was La Sportiva? Not entirely sure, but one of the guys in Taunton Leisure, Bristol mentioned it the other day.

Might be worth sending off an email to them (the shoemakers) and asking. Can't hurt.
Neil Williams - on 07 Apr 2013
In reply to Ahlam Qattan:

Must admit it surprises me to some extent that specialist shoes (like climbing shoes and hiking boots at the higher end) aren't sold in individuals rather than pairs, as I have that issue as well, which causes issues buying hiking boots. Though in my case the difference is only half a size so it can usually be handled by wearing one more sock on my left (smaller) foot.

kingofthering on 08 Apr 2013 - chello080109074167.4.15.vie.surfer.at
In reply to Ahlam Qattan:

Evolv is selling you shoes in different sizes if you order them from their website. I think its 10 Dollars extra or so but i guess it woud be worth it if you really need it.

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