/ PRODUCT NEWS: Salewa Wildfire Approach Shoes

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The Wildfire's a multi-featured marvel..., 6 kbAlready feted as 'among the best approach shoes we've ever tested' by Climbing Magazine in the USA the new Wildfire is an exceptional shoe with a true alpine heritage.

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Toerag - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to UKC Gear: .....and like most 'approach shoes' they'll be rubbish on UK approaches of steep damp grass and dirt/mud. What an approach shoe needs is the Vibram mountain sole seen on many winter boots - decent thick tread for the muck, and a smearing zone for rock.
creag - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to Toerag:
Best UK approach shoe is a Walsh PB with waterproof socks...
Wild Country - on 26 Apr 2013
In reply to Toerag: If you read these do have a Vibram outsole....which is plenty good enough for a lot of British conditions.
Obviously sticking the sole from a winter boot on a lightweight approach shoe would not be practical.
Sir Chasm - on 26 Apr 2013
In reply to Richie Patterson, Wild Country: I think you know what he meant, something with an aggressive tread. I've had vibram soled rock boots, they weren't much good on mud.
TobyA on 26 Apr 2013
In reply to Sir Chasm: Probably lots of us have trainers or approach shoes with soles rather like these. For really muddy conditions you want hiking boots or wellies, but these look good for drier weather or rocky approaches. I'd be more interested in how much protection they give around the sides; they've obviously used a sole with no sort of side bumper to make it as light as possible. I find trainers like that fine on some ground but like something a bit beefier if trekking over scree or loose rock.
Toerag - on 07 May 2013
In reply to TobyA: Looking at the pics, the tread depth is about the same as my Spotiva B5s and 5.10's dotty stealth sole, ergo they will be utter rubbish on anything other than rock. They'll even be rubbish on dry gravelly paths such as those found around euro crags. Steep grass & bluebells will become a succession of bruised arses with shallow tread like that!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.