/ Dynema slings for replacing slings on friends etc.

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matthew jones - on 10 Apr 2013
A quick blast round the ol't'interweb did not offer any definitive answer (nothing new there then...), but my question is such o' fountains of knowledge that may be currently perusing the content of the gear forum:

Stitched loop (dynema) threaded with a girth hitch (just found the name; great moniker!) or an open length of tape that I imagine would be best tied with fisherman's?
Any answers much appreciated. A few of my cams are well overdue a pre-season service. 5 years is apparently a reasonable life for such an item (normal use).
LJC - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to matthew jones: Here are some actual tests with reslung cams: http://www.blackdiamondequipment.com/en-gb/journal///qc-labthe-dangers-of-modifying-your-gear-en-gb

Possibly a bit of 'yer gonna die', but an interesting read none the less.
matthew jones - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to LJC:
That looks a bit dramatic! The few I have that need the treatment are cast in such a way that the sling will be fed through a part of the casting at the base of the stem (wild country), and not over a (thin) wire. I see their point, but the current tired appearance inspires less confidence. The rest of the devices is in fine working order before anyone suggests I stop being tight and crack open the wallet!
"Nicked" slings (ie. slings with local damage) are stronger than old slings (see last issue of Climber).
jkarran - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to matthew jones:

Don't tie it, the knots slip at relatively low loads (plus it's messy). With rigid cams and cams having a solid sling attachment point (as opposed to a wire loop) you can either push a loop of thin sling through the hole then clip both loops or form a neat hitch. Just beware of sharp edges in areas the sling didn't previously contact. For cams with wire loops just clip a 'draw into them or replace like for like materials (eg push a loop of 30cm 12mm through a DMM 3CU and clip both loops). I wouldn't girth hitch to the wire and you should be wary where fatter nylon tape was used initially, it's possibly to prevent wire or sling failing prematurely.

Don't do what you're not happy with and do consider getting them repaired by the manufacturer, it may be the cheapest neatest solution.

<edit> I forgot to say, I re-slung my old Camalots and flexi-friend like this with 8mm slings doubled through the hole, both loops clipped. They're neat and still catch falls. Can't say much more than that about them.

matthew jones - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to jkarran:
Cheers! Very helpful. Sounds like the way forward. Should also admit that the "massive-uncontrolled-lob-from-the-top-of-the-crag-factor" is pretty low. (I guess this applies to most climbers, despite tales of bravado in front of the missus/colleagues/grandchildren).

Anyway... thanks for help!
More-On - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to matthew jones: Have you considered cord as per the every helpful Needle Sports?


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