/ The Weep, Sron na Creise, 13/4

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peebles boy - on 13 Apr 2013
Amazing day on the hill today!!!

Drove up Glencoe with the intention of Curved Ridge but the Buachaille seemed to be the only hill in the cloud (didn't stay that way mind you) and the lower reaches of CR seemed pretty bare, so drove on to ski area...

Cracking ascent of The Weep on Sron na Creise, followed by the chimney above it, then onto the N Ridge of Sron na Creise. Sticky and deep soft snow up top forced an early descent down East ridge and back to the van. Amazing day out by myself, and if this is the end of my winter I'll be a happy man after today!

The Weep was in great nick, but The Kings Tear looking pretty thin and can't imagine it'll last through the weekend of forecast stays as is.

Photos here:

Neil Pratt - on 13 Apr 2013
In reply to peebles boy:

Looks good - we did a similar route a few weeks back, but bowl above The Weep was full of snow/ice so we carried on up that and onto the smaller buttress on the right. It's a great mountaineering day out though, with lots of scope for following whichever route gives the most fun!
Milesy - on 13 Apr 2013
Frezing point to be 2500m. Ouch.

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