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wiggi on 17 Apr 2013
Doing A Alpine introduction course in september and Mont Blanc extenion just wondering what type of boots would be best B2 or B3
highclimber - on 17 Apr 2013
In reply to wiggi: depends on how much money you have. B2 boots will do everything you need for the alps but B3 boots are warmer, stiffer but more exppensive. If you think you are going to do more and more alpine and scottish winter stuff, I'd go for a well-fitted pair of B3 boots.

The other option of course, is to hire a pair of boots.

Bear in mind though, if you have a larger than average foot, a B2 boot will not be as stiff as a similar, but smaller sized boot.
wiggi on 17 Apr 2013
In reply to wiggi: Thanks for the reply.Got advise from people saying B2 boots would be perfect for intro course but too cold for Mont Blanc. just wondering are B3 boots very uncomfortable when not on snow.Doing the intro course in Arola and then heading on to chamnoix so renting boots is not a option.
LJC - on 17 Apr 2013
In reply to wiggi: B3s are not really much different on snow, turf, rock or pavement. They are so stiff you wouldn't really know what's under foot.
David Barratt - on 17 Apr 2013
In reply to wiggi: I got a pair of Mont Blancs (B3's) last year with the intention of doing Mont blanc but ended up elsewhere in the alps. I found them absolutely fine for the rocky stuff. was nice to have a day out of them to do a smaller mountain route though.
highclimber - on 17 Apr 2013
In reply to wiggi: depends on the boot. I have La Sportiva Trango Extremes which are B3 and I was wearing them the other day around Snowdon. I certainly wouldn't wear a pair of Koflachs for that!

A B2 will last you for a number of years and will do everything you throw at them. Just make sure they are a good fit.
wiggi on 17 Apr 2013
In reply to wiggi: Thanks again for all your replys, I think i will have a look at the La Sportiva Trango B2 Boot.
LJC - on 17 Apr 2013
In reply to wiggi: I don't think highclimber was neccecerly recommending trangos. Personally, I wouldn't wear b2s up Mont Blanc, but it's certainly possible. September weather can be changeable, last year there was fresh snow about 200m above the valley campsites on somthing like the 1st or 2nd. This year it might still be summer until October. But I would err on the side of warm feet and get some good b3 boots.

If you don't find anything you like in the uk, one plan might be to buy some out there. Never been to Arolla, but I assume you can hire some for a week, get a feel for the boots, try some on and buy out there. Lots of shops in and around Cham for good choice.

The standard summer alpine b3 you'll see lots of is the sportiva Nepal and Nepal evo. Good if they fit, and probably warm enough unless you suffer badly from cold feet or the weather is unseasonably cold. I prefer the newer type of b3 with integrated gaitor, scarpa phantom or sportiva batura etc. Warmer, lighter, more comfortable in my opinion.
kevinmckinnon - on 18 Apr 2013
In reply to wiggi: what size are you looking for
wiggi on 18 Apr 2013
In reply to kevinmckinnon: size 8 and a half
In reply to wiggi:

This was taken in the middle of Sept last year - down duvet jackets & goggles all day:

paul walters - on 18 Apr 2013
In reply to wiggi: Pity you're a size 8, I've got a pair of La Sportiva Trango Extremes on the Premier Post board. Only wore them once... had planned Mont Blanc this year, but not likely to happen now. They're a great boot, but I have narrow feet, and although I've taken a lot of advice on them, and tried various in-soles etc, they're just not comfortable on me.
Brucemacrosson - on 19 Apr 2013
In reply to wiggi:

Been up Mt Blanc 3 times over past 20 yrs. Warm B3 boots definitely best . On snow all day & much higher, colder than the 3000m peaks around Arolla. Extra support with your crampons makes it both easier & safer too.

I have a pair of La Sportiva Nepal Evo's to sell, in decent nick with newish soles. Size 8 (euro 42). Sell them for £70 + postage. Probably the most commonly worn boot up the Blanc these days. Mail me if your interested.

For more technical rocky peaks B2 boots are good. Used La Sportiva Trango Evos on Hornli ridge on Matterhorn last year & were v good on the rock but crap on the final icy slope - nil ankle support for the crampon work.

Good luck with your trip.


tjhare1 - on 20 Apr 2013
In reply to wiggi:
Just to clarify, everyone speaking about Sportiva Trango boots on here has been talking about the Trango Extremes, which are stiffer and warmer than the Trango S Evo. I use a pair of the Trango S evos for anything requiring a non-technical snow approach, since they are much more packable when on a route wearing rock shoes. However, though it may seem counter intuitive, I actually find the Trango Extreme's better on rock - they seem more precise. If you go for a pair of Trango's, I would recommend the Extremes over the Evos, especially if they are a 'one boot does all' (mont blanc temperatures in mind). Other manufacturers will have similar offerings; get something that fits.
Charlotte Nelson - on 24 Apr 2013
In reply to tjhare1: Are B2's really not warm enough for mont blanc? Im going to be out there in June and have worn my Scarpa Manta's in Scottish winter where theyve been fine
Petarghh - on 24 Apr 2013
In reply to Charley17: Its one of those hard to call ones, you can go up and it will be really quite warm and they will be fine. but you can go up there and it be really cold (this was the case when i went up in June) and you wear every stitch of clothing you have !

Summer alpine conditions have the potential to be much colder than scottish winter, especially if pushing above 4000m, I would wear B3 unless walking in to a rock route via a glacier.
smuffy on 25 Apr 2013
In reply to wiggi: Used Scarpa Charmoz (B2) in September 2010 and have regretted it ever since having got frost nip over all toes and sligt frost bite on big toes. The big toes tend to get much colder nowadays and I really wished I had spent a little extra and got some B3 boots.
That said it was minus 25 on our summit day so ordinarliy I might have got away with it but is it worth the risk?
Pero - on 25 Apr 2013
In reply to Charley17: Exactly! I'd be happy in my Manta's in the Alps, unless you're going beyond Grade III ice.

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