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Doug on 18 Apr 2013
Looks like I'll have a Sunday & Monday to myself before a meeting starting Tuesday morning in Trondheim in mid June. Although I've been there before, I've never had time to get out of town so not sure what the options are. Ideally I'd like to have some time walking/easy scrambling, maybe to/from a DNT hut for the Sunday night. Don't want to hire a car just for myself so would prefer trains/buses. From what I've seen from the air, there are plenty of hills (although often in the clouds

Any suggestions ? Would Romsdal be possible ?
Red Rover - on 18 Apr 2013
In reply to Doug:

I doubt there'd be any scrambling near Trondheim it's all low, undulating hills. Plenty of hiking, cross country skiing and water ice (might be too late inthe year for some of these, dont know). If Romsdal is where the troll wall is then it's a bit of a drive away. There is some rock climbing near the airport, as well as the flatanger cave which is probably 2.5 hours away from Trondheim.
GarethSL on 18 Apr 2013
In reply to Doug: Around Trondheim there isn't much in the way of big mountains so the closest and best place to explore would be in and around Snillfjord (relativley easy access).

Otherwise about 4hrs down the road there's Dovre and the areas around Oppdal, Innerdal and the like.

Some popular examples...

Snøhetta in Dovre could be worth a punt if you can get there in good time, does have bus access. The full traverse goes at N4- (UK HS/VS ish) but the other peaks are generally accessible.



Otherwise Innerdalstårnet is another classic...



Doug on 18 Apr 2013
In reply to GrendeI: Had thought of Dovrefjell but assumed it would be a bit far (I've pleasant memories of a ski ascent of Snøhetta some 20+ years ago & it would be interesting to see the area in summer)

Will look at Snillfjord which I admit I've never heard of before.

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