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L.A. on 23 Apr 2013
For those using Eurostar some good news as reported by the Alpine Club Newsletter.......

After the issue was raised by AC member Jonathan Gregory, the BMC took up the matter of ice-axes being carried onboard the Eurostar with Eurostar CEO Nicolas Petrovic.
This has resulted in a change of policy from Eurostar: ice-axes no longer need to be sent checked-in as registered baggage, but can now be carried on board provided that they are packaged sensibly and carefully inside a passenger’s bags.
This policy has been confirmed by the Eurostar heads of security both in the UK and on the continent, so there should be no issues for passengers who wish to take suitably-packaged ice-axes on board the train,
Roberttaylor - on 23 Apr 2013
In reply to L.A.: Good news
nufkin - on 23 Apr 2013
Good news indeed. And commendations to Eurostar for being willing to reconsider their policy in response to reasoned arguement. I might even write them a letter saying so
AndrewHuddart - on 23 Apr 2013
In reply to L.A.:

Very good news, well done to the BMC and to Eurostar.
BMC Office - on 24 Apr 2013
A bit more detail about the change of policy is on the BMC website: https://thebmc.co.uk/eurostar-confirms-change-of-policy-on-ice-axes
Neil Williams - on 30 Apr 2013
In reply to BMC Office:

Though it seems their website still says they are banned. Perhaps one more prod is needed by the BMC to get it fixed, as I'd be certainly looking to print it out and take it with me were I doing that, so no security person goes "who are the BMC, I've never heard of them".


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.