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kos_os - on 28 Apr 2013
A week ago, trying hard to onsight a route (think overgripping, pumped, etc etc), I heard a nasty noise from my elbow and dull pain from the inner elbow. I was pretty run out and the top wasnt far, so finished the route, but the extent of the pain soon became clear. Pain from the same sort of area you'd expect golfers elbow, and an inability to straighten the arm fully for the first few days. I've still got pain from the elbow, arm movement isn't anywhere near as restricted as it was but still a bit painful at full extension.

I had it checked out by a doctor the day after (in Spain) but they offered no advice and prescribed me some ibruprofen. I'm going to be in Spain for the next 3 weeks (originally planning on climbing but that's on hold at the moment...) so I can try somewhere else to get it checked out, but does anyone know what this might be, and what I'll be looking at for recovery? Some googling suggests a sprain of the MCL or UCL, but i've no idea.

Any ideas/advice??

Markhumphreys on 29 Apr 2013 - zen-inetgw-9a.nhs.uk
Really hard to say without examining it...but don't fall in to the trap of self-diagnosis from the internet! Get to see a physio ASAP.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.