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Tyco - on 29 Apr 2013

Me and 3 friends are going to Font in August and could use some advice on what to bring with us. Between the four of us the climbing level indoors goes from V0-V3, and only one of the group has experience outdoors so we're going to be climbing fairly low grades. Which guidebook would people recommend? We have one Alpkit Phud, but were wondering if people would recommend having another mat with us? Baring in mind we're driving over in a tiny car!

Thanks in advance
joshen - on 30 Apr 2013
In reply to Tyco:
unless any amazing new guides have come out recently, either the "purple" guide or the jingo wobbly one are fine and i couldn't choose a favourite, if you're going for a couple of weeks you could consider getting both as although there's a fair bit of overlap, they do each have some good stuff not in the other. also probably worth getting the French equivalent of an o.s. map, you can get them in bookshops over here. as for mats, you'll get by with one, but beyond that it depends what you'll spend most of your time doing. if you're going to spend all day climbing round easy circuits, then one mat is more than enough. if you'll be trying to push your grade picking off individual problems all day then do what you can to have a second mat. enjoy
joshen - on 30 Apr 2013
In reply to Tyco: p.s. If you don't already know, then please please please for the sake of the rock make sure your feet are spotlessly clean before stepping on any holds. So take a tea towel each to scrub your shoes before each climb. cheers
Tyco - on 30 Apr 2013
In reply to joshen: Cheers, was looking at the Jingo Wobbly one so reckon we'll go with that. Already on it with the feet cleaning too
Dandan82 - on 30 Apr 2013
In reply to Tyco:
If there is 4 of you going, I think you'll soon get tired of having just one mat! Depending where you are staying, some places in Font have boulder mats you can borrow so you don't need to take an extra one over with you. Alternatively just hang out in the really popular areas and be friendly, most people are happy to share mats if you are on the same problem.
Beardyman - on 03 May 2013
In reply to Tyco: I also think you'd be better with at least one more pad, would mean you could be trying different problems as well as being able to protect yourself from bad landings. Although alot of problems in font are over nice flat sand there are still plenty of tree roots and smaller boulders.

Go and have fun, use the guide books to get you to the rocks then run about climbing everything that looks cool, which is about everything!

Tyco - on 06 May 2013
Got a guide now, cheers for the advice. Just wondering, does anyone know if Foret de Fontainbleau is the only IGN map you'd need? Or does the climbing area go outside the boundries of that map?
fried - on 06 May 2013
In reply to Tyco:

Unless you want to climb around Beauvais/Nainville or some stuff in Coquibus you'll be fine with the standard Fontainebleau forest IGN map. Even then you'll still not get lost.
Compo - on 07 May 2013
In reply to Tyco: These guys rent mats - http://thehousefontainebleau.com/
It is the Flashed Ronin Air mat - about £250 to buy but can be rented for a round £30 a week.

I reed one this year, excellent mat, nice people to deal with.
Offwidth - on 07 May 2013
In reply to Tyco:

Note V0- indoors will equate to easy problems on yellow circuits and V3 indoors orange circuits or easy blues. August isnt a great time as friction is better in the cold so get up early and have a siesta then climb late and seek shady spots.
JLS on 07 May 2013
In reply to joshen:

>"unless any amazing new guides have come out recently, either the "purple" guide or the jingo wobbly"

The "purple" has been superseded by the "white".
(new edition)
Offwidth - on 08 May 2013
In reply to JLS:

Its worth noting they upgraded the new problems but forgot to update some of the circuit maps.

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