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freesolo on 01 May 2013 - whois?
my plan is to rock up alone next october in the anti-atlas and hoping to find trad partner for about 6 weeks. any info on camping/lodging, best time to arrive/temperatures and transport from agadir is appreciated. cheers.
GridNorth - on 01 May 2013
In reply to freesolo: The campsites cater for big campervans not tents. Accommodation in Tafroute was about £10/night in a half decent hotel. Nearer to most of the climbing is the Kasbah Tizourgane near Ida Ignidouf and about £25/ night half board. Staying here is a unique experience, it's an old fort on top of a hill. Not sure I would want to camp it's all a bit basic and in October there are lots of cobras, vipers and scorpions knocking about not to mention beetles the size of your fist. Both times I've been we had a hire car which is essential for getting from crag to crag. Ida Ignidouf is about 2 hours from Agadir and Tafroute a further hour or so.

Tafroute is a small town and supplies can be bought there and money obtained from a Western Union cash point. Everywhere else is basically desert. A few more roads have been tarmaced but they are narrow and many are just dirt tracks.

The climbing is absolutley brilliant but expect an adventure. Many of the routes in the guide have not been repeated and there are lots of errors both in descriptions and the grades. Some of the approaches are vicious. Apart from the snakes and scorpions some of the plants will rip your legs to shreds and there is even one that ejaculates a pungent liquid if you touch it.
freesolo on 01 May 2013 - whois?
In reply to freesolo:
thanks mate. doesn't sound as though i can just rock up and find a partner ((
silo - on 01 May 2013
In reply to freesolo:Best get a climbing partner sortesd first but you will love it.
ark05 - on 02 May 2013
most people who go climbing there are from the UK so this forum is probs your best bet of finding a partner.. its not like Yosemite.. you could go weeks without seeing any other climbers.. and anyone who is there will probs already have a partner sorted.

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