/ Via Ferrata book for France/Alps?

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tetley - on 06 May 2013
Off to French Alps and possibly venture further East, but struggling to find an up to date book on the Via Ferrata's available (for my kids to do). If you know a good book you'd recommend .... please go ahead.
Nick_Scots on 06 May 2013
The books are out of date pretty soon. Most REGIONS do a free Via Ferrata booklet eg Maurienne, Dauphine.

Try here http://www.viaferrata.org/c2france_E.html#4restefrance
tetley - on 06 May 2013
In reply to Scott_vzr: Cheers Scott, I had seen that site and wondered if that was going to be the best bet. Looks like there maybe a new guide coming out in October this year .... seems like an odd release date! May ask friends if they have a copy of the older guides just for guidance.
Nick_Scots on 10 May 2013
There is a plethora of Via Ferratas, most not in the guidebooks.

altirando - on 11 May 2013
In reply to tetley: I have a French hardback, Randonnees du Vertige that shows some. But if you are thinking primarily of a youngster, the ski resort of Valloire has at least one suitable. Or check out Undiscoveredalps.com which has a section on vf for children on their website. They are based in the Champsaur at the southern end of the Ecrins.
Nick_Scots on 12 May 2013

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.