/ Any good climbing walls in Essex?

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Coops_13 - on 27 May 2013
I'm doing an internship in Essex this summer and was wondering if there were any walls in Essex which has good bouldering. I've already searched classifieds on here and found Basildon High Sports which looks tiny. Any suggestions?

Kevster - on 27 May 2013
In reply to Ross.Cooper:

London based walls for bouldering are probably best bets.
KevinD - on 27 May 2013
In reply to Ross.Cooper:

whereabouts in Essex?
Essex uni in colchester has a small wall but not sure about access now.
Couple just over the border in Suffolk, although not sure on details.
Chelmsford apparently has a wall although dont think there is much to it.
There is Harlow as well.
Fairlop boulders for some outside stuff (artifical).

Chances are best to go into London, depending where you are Mile End could be pretty easy and quick to get to being on that side on London.
Coops_13 - on 28 May 2013
In reply to dissonance: Chelmsford, however I'm looking for a place where I can go 5 or 6 times a week after work. Maybe the disused railway bridges might be better?
alanlgm on 28 May 2013 - cpc15-basl10-2-0-cust831.basl.cable.virginmedia.com
In reply to Ross.Cooper: hi I climb at Basildon high sports a few times a week and your right it is pretty small but it does have some great routes and a friendly atmosphere so you should always geta belay.

If your only in Chelmsford then I guess that Harlow ( essex outdoors ) would be ok for you. It's bigger than Basildon but I am not a fan of the routes there and the bouldering is shite.

Other than that I go to either the reach or the castle it's not ideal but its ok



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