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WILLS - on 01 Jun 2013
Need a push chair, collapsable, light weight preferably. Conflicting reviews on line are confusing. Our baby has a broad back and is tall. We walk a lot on country park type paths.
Any advice from other active parents would be great.
Many thanks
lanky_suction1 on 01 Jun 2013 - whois?
In reply to WILLS:

Forget the pushchair, go for a comfortable carrier for out walking. Avid the frame ones, they are fine but affect the centre of gravity so make the little one feel very, very heavy. Wraps and mei tais are good but if you are put off by them there are some good buckle carriers around like manduca, connecta, beco, ergo and so on. There are also some good lesser known makes (generally made by 'work at home' mums all over the world) like Babies in Space, doux doux and others.

It is worth visiting your local 'sling library' - do a search for one near you - as they will be able to advise you and you can rent them for a couple of pounds a week to find one that suits you before you commit to buying.

Ross McGibbon - on 01 Jun 2013
In reply to WILLS:

I like my LittleLife rucksac carrier but in terms of a pushchair, the cheapest one with 3 big wheels is the Little Nipper Out n About 360. I got one and like it lots.
WILLS - on 01 Jun 2013
In reply to WILLS: I have a macpack already. But as I work shift. My wife needs to get him around. So we need a push chair. His shoulders are too wide for his pram and he is too heavy for Helen to carry.
Hence, push chair.
wibb20 - on 02 Jun 2013
In reply to WILLS:

Three wheelers seem to be the popular choice for off-road baby-buggying! Personally,I have found our Bugaboo Chameleon (not a three wheeler) to be amazing in all conditions, and it is so adaptable. If the going gets rough, you simply reverse the handle so that the large wheels are at the front. If it gets rougher still, you can lock the small wheels, and if it gets super rough, or sandy, you can lift the smaller wheel right off the ground, and use it like a wheel barrow or off road sack truck... We took our down the muddiest of paths in New Forest, and it coped really well...

Watch out for pushchairs with inflatable wheels, as you spend you life doing puncture repairs if you use them off road (the Bugaboo has foam filled wheels).
lanky_suction1 on 02 Jun 2013 - whois?
In reply to WILLS:

I also have the out'n'about, it is great. However, take it from me I prefer to carry them far more than use the pushchair! I find I am rather restricted where I can go with a pushchair. I am female, 5' 3" and can carry my bulky 2 1/2 year old quite happily for long distances and my nearly 5 year old for a short way if her legs are tired. That's why I was suggesting trying a proper carrier, it makes them feel so much lighter than in a framed/ rucksack type carrier. (I stopped using the littlelife when they got to about a year old as they felt too heavy. I then discovered the world of 'proper' carriers and went back to carrying them - it really is so much easier!).
WILLS - on 03 Jun 2013
In reply to lanky_suction1: they look pretty good. Will have to see if we can trial one some where. But we need a stroller. I've had 2 arthoscopies already. He is 13.4kg now at 11 months. So I won't be carrying him much longer.
But thanks for the advice.
wilkie14c - on 03 Jun 2013
In reply to WILLS: Just a word about 3 wheelers, we had a quinny and it folded small, strong, light and generally great but going up or down steps/bus steps etc could be rather unstable when you had the 2 back wheels in the air. Try and imagine going forwards up a high step with one, you tip it back and get the front single wheel on the step then lift up the back end to get the rears up but the whole thing is now on just one wheel till you get the rear wheels on the step too and very easy to tip to the left or right. Bit easier I found with the front wheel locked rather than in 'spinning' mode. It may have just been me but there you go. I'd still take a 3 wheeler over a 4 anyday but that'd be grand kids now, I'm done with babies forever!
Carolyn - on 03 Jun 2013
In reply to WILLS:

TBH, they get easier to carry as they get bigger in some ways - they don't get all that much heavier, and they wrap round you better and aren't so much of a dead weight. Definitely worth trying to find a slingmeet or similar to try different carriers.

Buggies - tends to tricky to find something that folds down and does off road. Depends a bit how bumpy - big wheels tend to make life easier. We had a mountain buggy; if I was choosing again, I think I'd go with the Nipper 360 which is lighter and has bigger wheels....
Tricky Dicky - on 03 Jun 2013
In reply to WILLS: Nipper sport out'nabout

Great buggy for forest trails etc. Only had two punctures in 4 years of heavy use (often have two kids in a single buggy). Wife finds it light enough to fold and get in and out of car.
Tricky Dicky - on 03 Jun 2013
In reply to Tricky Dicky: Or the 360, looks just as good

stubbed on 03 Jun 2013
In reply to WILLS:

Phil & Teds Vibe, bought second hand, has a massive chair which should fit a large child, plus 3 wheels, very light & small turning circle, big basket & hood. Good for off road. We have 3 pushchairs and this is the biggest, we use it the most. The Mclaren is good for throwing in the car but not off road: the Quinny is much heavier and harder to control (although probably bigger than P&T). P&T has inflatable tyres though. But the bonus you can add a double set if you have another baby.

If it's all off road you want, then I agree you should look at something like the Nipper. Depends if you will use it on road as well (it's a bit like buying a mountain bike v a road bike, eventually you realise that you need both).

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