/ Good spot to wild camp with young kid near Edinburgh

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icehockeyhair - on 05 Jun 2013
Was wondering if anyone could think of any good wild camping spots near (up to around 1 hour and a half drive) to Edinburgh? Planning on taking my 3 year old daughter camping for the first time this weekend so another requirement would be a short walk in.

I was thinking of beaches out east towards North Berwick and Dunbar, are these fairly easy to camp at?

Ferret on 05 Jun 2013
In reply to icehockeyhair: Great thread - have been mulling similar idea sometime soon - in similar area.... look forward to some informed replys!

I was thinking about Yellowcraigs and finding a reasonably discreet spot somewhere but I have no idea how leery it may get at night on a nice summers day. The challenge on this sort of thing is finidng a nice spot thats accessible but doesn't run risk of becoming a party zone for local neds or right next to teh local dogging spot. Middle of noweher I wild camp without a hesitation, anywhere near civilisation the nerve levels begin to rise for me....

I also wondered about Pentlands... walk up from Bonaly and find a spot perhaps?
In reply to icehockeyhair: In answer to your second question, yes. I've enjoyed many coastal camps along this way. Took my 2 year old to that neck of the woods for her first non-campsite experience a few weeks back, it's idyllic if you pick the right weather. I won't give precise locations on the forum but feel free to email me.
In reply to Ferret: Weekend party avoidance (other than any fun you bring yourself)... I've had about a 50% success rate with that over the years. Always tend to walk that little bit further from the car park if I can manage it
ccmm on 05 Jun 2013 - whois?
In reply to Ferret:

Avoid djembe playng trustafarians by not going to the John Muir Country Park by Tyninghame at a weekend.

Apart form this arrive late and depart early is my best advice. I'm from East Lothian and have walked and camped along that coast a lot. It's great and you can usually spot a good site by the evidence left (not always in a good way). Fresh water is always an issue - best not to rely on the public loos as they are sometimes locked.
Ferret on 05 Jun 2013
In reply to icehockeyhair: Thanks to Dan and Craig and understood. For myself, arrive late and walk further fine (althoug arrive late may defeat the purpose) but with young one in tow not quite so good.

I'll have to scout about and probably play by ear on eth day, to be able to arrive somewhere in afternoo/evening to set up for dinner and (relatively) early bed for the wee fella. And hope others do not arrive after we have set up quiet camp....
ccmm on 05 Jun 2013 - whois?
In reply to Ferret: There's loads of hidden spots in amongst the sand dunes. Most of the ones I've seen are on or very near the miriad of small paths that crisscross the dunes. This does mean you might get evening strollers walking by your camp but most folk are decent.

Yellowcraig west to Gullane offers the best options for dune camping. Have a ball.
Tim Chappell - on 05 Jun 2013
In reply to icehockeyhair:

If it was me, I'd do like Ferret-- walk in to the loch in the middle of the Pentlands.

Go a bit further south and the Moorfoots are ultra-deserted, and then there's all that open space around places like Stobo and Drumelzier.
icehockeyhair - on 09 Jun 2013
Hi, thanks for all replies and advice. Camping this weekend was foiled by illness but hopefully going to try out some of these options before long.
Nick_Scots on 15 Jun 2013
I have walked to an area first, spotted camp spots then gone back in future.

More than 20mins from any roadhead or caraprk seems to be the best bet. These beaches have very little if any midges, a bonus.

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